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I have just bought some kite paper and I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to post links to blog tutorials on how to make some different designs?
Just wanted to send you hugs, it sounds like things have been difficult lately. With the food, try and take it one step at a time...choose a day that would work for you to cook from scratch and get in the habit of doing it that day every single week. Maybe that will help you get back in the swing of things slowly and you can build from there. If you don't have time to make bread daily have you thought about a bread maker? We use it daily and while i know baking bread by...
I grew up in a Quaker family, so it is interesting hearing it mentioned here.
I have just bought the Osthiemer mini nativity which we have wanted for two to three years now. It has arrived and is stunning, but it was about £250 ($400 approx) I am justifying it to myself by knowing that it will be an heirloom, but as i have two girls, I know they will end up fighting about it when the time comes I didn't really look around at any others so I'm not sure what other companies do them. Let us know what you find.
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird 3. simplify toys and keep them in a communal area. if you look at the way that waldorf schools are designed, particularly preschools and play group spaces, they look like homes. the dining room space has a table and chairs--for morning tea or snack time--but it is also a crafting space. so, you'll see a cabinet with tea cups and baskets with a napkin over the goodies, but you'll also see a cabinet with the craft...
have you thought about a dolls house frame? http://www.myriadonline.co.uk/produc...1926&name=Doll House Frame I know you can buy this in the USA too online. I was recommended it from a Waldorf mama of two boys from this forum. My girls love it, it hardly takes up any space, and they love setting up a new 'space' each time. It get plays with alot!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tashakittie I'm in FL too, and one of the biggest yucks about public school is FCAT. It is an entirely evil, outdated method that accomplishes nothing. And, I have never met a single parent who approves of it, or finds it effective for anything. I am terrified of it, and forcing my kids to endure it. what does FCAT stand for?
Quote: Originally Posted by RollerCoasterMama I was thinking of the full length books. But the picture books are beautiful! I originally was hesitant because I love the detail of the originals...but these are great! My son loved the couple we read from the library! They're on his holiday wish-list that we share with family. Amazon.com has the whole My First series in paperback and it looks like there's multiple ones with Almonzo! I thought it was...
I do! And K is fine, I think the values we have at home (waldorf inspired) are so strong for her that they help to balance out any negatives a public school might have. Also, don't forget, there are positives to public (state in the UK) schools too! But, I worried myself about this for two years and have eventually accepted it and am happy how it is panning out.
Quote: Originally Posted by RollerCoasterMama I'm trying reeeaally hard to stick with the 4 gifts rule: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. Trouble is, his birthday is only a week later, so it's really easy to cheat. Anyway, so far... Something you want: A dress up chest for storage (they have some soft sided ones at Ikea that look like a treasure chest) with a few dress up things in there. (A super...
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