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Just a super cheap snack suggestion (not a protein one) but great general cheap snack food....home popped pop corn! So so cheap & you can add salt or popcorn...or cheesy..... or melted butter....
We don't buy any ziplock bags for sandwhiches, we invested in some BPA - free airtight little plastic boxes for the kids sandwiches/fruit/pudding for school which get reused over & over again. They have three boxes each which I fill each morning for their lunch. It has saved so much money in the long-run. They won't get replaced for a very very long time & they hoepfully won't be lost by my DC! My older girl has had her set for 3 years now!   Send children to school...
This morning I have put two loads through the washer/dryer, prepared dinner for tonight, vacumned through the downstairs, washed up breakfast dishes and decluttered too small clothes from the children's drawers.
  I love your last sentence, so well said! Thank you!    
Thank you for taking the time to think this through, I am finding all these answers so interesting! And thank you for explaining what 'asceticism' meant - I was too embarrassed to ask! In your eyes I think I would be a mix of both, as simplicity is a way of life for me (I don't 'shop' anymore until something is worn out or really actually 'needed', I actually don't like to shop, it stresses me out now) and also I like the 'pared down' look in my home, clean, clear...
  Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I think I might be moving more towards minimalism then, as I am getting the home back to real, super basics (eg the mini chopper, egg cooker, etc are going and we are having a bowl/plate/cup/knife/fork per person) I agree,it doesn't really matter...my MIL kept calling me a 'minimalist' & I kept thinking, am I? LOL  
Thank you, you made me laugh (after a difficult afternoon!)    
Is there a difference between the two words? I have been thinking about this as my family have been on a simplicity pathway for the last two/three years and I wonder if for me, personally,  I'm moving towards minimalism in the way I would like to live. So that got me thinking about the terms 'simplicity' and 'minimalism' and wondering if they were different or the same thing!
I have just started a new series of posts called 'Our Seasonal Book Basket', sharing a book from our book basket each week, which you might be interested in looking at. Below the post, there is also a link 'widget' where other bloggers can link to their own blog post with what seasonal books they are reading too, so hopefully there will be lots of suggestions! http://mamauk.typepad.com/mamauk/2011/09/our-autumnfall-seasonal-book-basket-apples-and-pumpkins.html 
Welcome Jasmine! My name is Rosaleen and I am from England, I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old. You and your son have beautiful names!
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