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This website ships internationally and does boys aswell as girls fabric and is super super cute! http://www.kitty-craft.com/
that is so beautiful, youve inspired me to do one on our windowsill in our living room! I love the autumn colour play silks!
Quote: Originally Posted by counterGOPI ill posty pics of my living room but basically her dollhouse and all its accesories stay out. all the rest of her stuff is in her room or playroom. I'd love to see pics! Do you bring toys out of her playroom everyday or does she just go and get them herself?
I was just after some advice from parents who have their childrens toys in the main living area of the home and don't have a separate play room. I read on here alot that people say 'less is more' when it comes to how many toys you have available for your child\children to play with. So I was wondering, what are the toys you always have in your living area that permantly live on your shelves/baskets/playstands etc and aren't actually taken back up to their bedroom/other...
I want to make a cosy corner for my LO but i'm finding a beautiful vintage quilt and a few cosy pillows and I will also have a little basket of books in the area too so she can snuggle up and leaf through her books. I just need to find the perfect quilt now I bet your LO will love having a cosy corner!
Quote: Originally Posted by Hannahsmummy My husband and I do watch TV. Hey, I am watching TV and posting on here at the same time! LOL However, the TV doesn't go on when my daughter is awake. . We're the same, the TV simply never goes on when our LO's are awake. It works for us :
Last night I just bought a natural pine all wooden dolls house which is open all sides so little hands can reach in from all angles in with a red roof (again holes on either side of the roof so hands can reach in) in immaculate condition for under a third of the price it would cost me to get one brand new. It doesn't look as 'waldorfy' as some of the dolls house you can get but the fact that it was all natural wood was good enough for me and I know my LO will love it. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by counterGOPI : dh and i watch tv but dd does not. we wtach it after she goes to bed. we do exactly the same thing. Sometimes it makes me feel a bit mean me and my DH watching TV after she has gone to bed but not letting her to watch it, but their are programmes that I love to watch and it helps me unwind after a long day. I have mentioned this loads of times on here now but the change in my LO not watching TV is...
I was just wondering does any one know if Joy's Heavy baby can be washed if the outside of it gets dirty? Can the inner of millet be taken out so the body can be washed at all?
Quote: Originally Posted by cat2116 -sweeping the patio -folding laundry -cleaning their playhouse (outside) with a bucket of water and a sponge. -gluing and sticking -collecting rocks and leaves from the garden -vacuuming!!! (honestly soundS odd I know...but they love it and it cleans the house too!) My LO doesn't have anything to do with folding laundry, she just chucks it at her little sister and runs away laughing : She loves to glue...
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