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And there doll and crib, but you can't see the whole wicker cirb so I will need to find a better picture! http://www.flickr.com/photos/25641871@N08/3284766304/in/photostream/     and here are our logs and basket and the doll blanket:    http://www.flickr.com/photos/25641871@N08/4117455010/in/photostream/ 
...and here is our play kitchen: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25641871@N08/3284849480/ 
 Here is a link to my flickr page of a picture of our playroom: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25641871@N08/3365555486/ 
It sounds like everyone had done so well! Can't believe Christmas Eve is finally here and i have actually stuck to my plan to have a simple Christmas. Even went into town this morning and didn't have a last minute panic and buy anything so I am very pleased. The gifts are all wrapped up and ready to go..... I did a blog post a couple of days ago because of this thread and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for you support for simple/useful gift...
If I wanted to put a direct link to my blog at the bottom of my posts on mothering.com how much is the yearly cost?
My DG goes to a mainstream school although we are waldorf inspired at home, I've have come to accept a waldorf school is not in our budget and get over it LOL. I think the focusing on what you can do is brilliant. I make sure i light a candle at every meal and sing our morning song and blessing, if i remember the washing hands song then that is a bonus!
I love the idea of wooden dishes, they would be great for snacks. I think I need a list b/c all these great ideas are perfect for the future. We would like K to have  vintage chest of drawers for her bedroom painted in apple green (the idea from the book Milly Molly Mandy) so we might save for that for next Christmas. That would be a big pressie though and would need to be saved up for. Vintage furniture in the UK is not cheap! Love wooly socks idea too. New bedding...
They are so sweet! I might think about those for little L for her birthday in March. Thank you for the link ♥
it sounds like you're doing brilliantly!   I think I might panic that I'm being too stingy but i need to stay strong!!!! I want simplicity!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think we should post here if a) we end up getting any last minute bits or b) we need to support each other that really, it is fine to go simple!!!!!!!     the back pack for school sounds nice and useful, the perfect gift!   I agree with you about expectations! I want Christmas to be about being together,magic,candle...
She's really enjoying the My First Little House books at the moment and I guess I want to wait until I know she is ready for them, we're vegetarian so she has a hard time with Pa going off with his gun to hunt things to eat   We have tried her one some chapter books like 'Gobolino The Witches Cat' which she enjoyed but her attention span at the moment is better suited to shorter books, plus her sister is only 2.5 years old so I want to be able to read to them together so...
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