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I have just read through this thread and was just wondering how you are doing now?
This is such a great thread! My LO loves to collect all shapes of pebbles and then she pretends they are presents and gives them to people!
This is such a great thread!
This is such an interesting thread, I'm just in the process of buying lots of natural toys for my three year old....luckily I don't have to throw away much plastic b/c she hardly had any anyway b/c I hated it so much!
I was wondering how to really encourage creative play with my 3 year old DD. She is not 'used' to playing by herself very much as she has either been at toddler group (with lots of beaping flashing plastic toys) or she has had me by her side to 'entertain' her with jig saws, play-doh, looking at books etc. So I really would like to help her develop her imagination and to play creatively independently so I can have a bit of time with our new baby. Can a toddler be shown...
Quote: Originally Posted by Attached Mama Ooh.... what a GREAT idea!! Thank you Thank you! I don't know why I didn't think of that, dd loves the Little House stories (and movies ) She just has the children's "MY First Little House" books which are so beautifully illustrated and are just short little snippets of a solitary event from one of the longer books. However, maybe in a few years when she's old enough to be read the longer stories, I'll make a...
Hello! I am brand new to this concept...I have been rejecting buying plastic toys for the past year b/c I thought they were all so horrible and after lots of research about creative play I found out about Waldorf and am so happy to realise that children don't 'need' to have all the plastic toys in the toy shops:: As I have not been buying anything for the past year (my girl is three)we hardly have any plastic to get rid of, she hardly has any toys at all!!! So at least...
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