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Not to rain on your parade or anything, but I did the contractions/mucous thing for two weeks. Drove me crazy waking up every morning with no baby. But, when I did go into labor, it only took three hours, including pushing. Keep the faith!
Oh, honey! I'm so sorry! Hugs!
She arrived Tuesday afternoon (one day before she was due) at 16:01, 8 lb 12 oz, 21 inches. My water broke that morning, but just a slow leak (the outer bag, perhaps). No action, though. I had an acupuncture appt scheduled for 11:15 that morning in hopes that I would have her on her due date (9/9/9). I'd been having early labor signs daily for two weeks, and I was having more "easy" contractions than I'd had before, but nothing worth calling anyone about. I talked to...
Quote: Originally Posted by lrlittle Is Advil ibuprofen? I know the risk with ibuprofen is that it can affect/thin your blood. And since there's a lot of bleeding postpartum it's riskier than Tylenol. I took it without any problem though. Aspirin thins your blood. Ibuprofen reduces swelling.
There's this thing I've heard of called the "loop" schedule. We do something like that. I have our core - phonics, reading, handwriting and math - and then everything else. Especially with our core, if we don't get through it all, I just start where we left off the day before. That way we don't get way ahead in phonics while lagging in math, for instance. With history and science, we have a certain goal to get done every week, but it doesn't have to be done every day....
Get some rest!
Right now my strategy is to do history and science and others outside our core during the day when I have an opportunity. Since it's mostly read-aloud, I just tell the boys to sit down because we're going to read a story. My 2-year-old loves to be included, and my 6-year-old gets his enrichment subjects. So dividing subjects by one-on-one intense and just storytime really helped me.
It depends on how much stuff you are doing. We started with our core subjects - reading, handwriting and math - and have added on from there (history, science, etc.). There are days where we log 2 hours, but it is scattered throughout the day. And that is 1st grade. We do a lot of read alouds, which I would say is half of what we do. If the boys come inside and start pestering me, I get a book out and we read a story. It gives them something to do besides drive me crazy....
I asked my midwife and she is a total believer. Last full moon weekend, their practice had seven babies. We have a low pressure system moving in (which seems to really affect me) and between that and the full moon, I may be a goner. We'll see.
I am due any day now and I must confess, we have done a lot of "unschooling" here and there. We officially filed this fall, but I started doing things, adding one thing at a time to our repitoire, in January so I had time to figure out what worked for us and get things going smoothly. My goal is to do school 4 days a week with 3 months off during the year. I have an idea where I want to be by the end of September. Had I done four days of school per week in July and August,...
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