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Our first Christmas was when DH and I had been dating for about 2 months. He gave me a pair of spun glass swans, like these, but gaudier. Wow. At first I thought it was a gag gift, but not so. I nearly broke up with him over it. Not because I needed a "better" gift, but because I just kept thinking: Has he been paying any attention? Does he know me at all? Why on earth would he think I would want this? (Please keep in mind that I was a not-terribly-mature 22 years old.)...
Please don't be so hard on yourself. I can feel where you're coming from--you have all the new mama guilt times 3 and it's impossible to avoid second-guessing yourself. Take a deep breath. You will be OK. They will be OK.   Occasional days of frolicking are fun, but what children need, and especially children whose lives have been turned upside-down, is a little structure. By making a home environment that is safe, predictable, and rhythmic, you are really going to...
There are a few gnome verses in the Wynstones Press book Autumn. The book also has other good seasonal verses, songs, etc., and an example of an Autumn circle time (which they call a "ring game"). Have fun! I'm sure your DS's birthday celebration will be lovely.
One of the things my DD has really enjoyed in the bath is wooden bowls. The ones we have are straight-sided rather than angled, and when they float upside-down, she can tap them to make pretty sounds. Definitely percussive, but with a pitch. Right side-up, they can be boats, or she can scoop up bubbles or water. We didn't buy these specifically for play--they are just an old set of salad bowls. Other than that, she just plays with a metal milk frothing pitcher leftover...
You were right-- the swelling and redness are gone today. He's urinating normally, and the discharge has decreased. I'll skip the doc unless the discharge continues for 2-3 more days. Thanks so much for your help!
You could try straining off the whey to make yogurt cheese. Or if the curds are soft, like chunks of thick yogurt floating in whey, you could mix the whey back in. This would probably make really runny yogurt though.
My description of what's going on wasn't so great. There isn't any rash--the penis is swollen, and there is a small amount of green/yellowish discharge coming from the opening of the foreskin.   He did have a very wet diaper not long after my original post, and he never cried or anything to indicate that urination was painful. Still no fever, thank goodness.
So, two nights ago my 9-month-old DS passed what I thought was a lot of gas in the middle of the night and went back to sleep. When my alarm went off 4 hours later, I changed his diaper and discovered that it wasn't gas but a huge poo.   Fast forward to today: his penis is bright pink and slightly swollen and has a weepy discharge. He has gone about 6 hours with a dry diaper. I'm sure this is a UTI, but his foreskin-friendly ped is closed until Monday, and I'm...
If you don't mind the drive to Alpharetta, Dr. Kute is great. She is fine with delayed, alternate schedule, or no vax. Intact friendly (anti-circ). Always spends as much time as we need with the kids, and always asks to make sure we have all questions answered before she leaves the exam room. Her staff is very friendly and caring, and we seldom have long waits for either well or sick visits.
Subscribed and liked! The little man will be walking soon, and I know he would love this!
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