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Omg that's insane! How can people talk to each other like that?!! I can't wait to sell our place next year!!
I just found out that she's actually moving!! She will be gone in about 3 weeks! Yay! I wonder why she's complaining so much then, unless she's nervous about the new tenants moving in? I don't know, I always try to be courteous and kind and respectful especially with my kids playing and being noisy inside. Plus they are in bed by 7:45pm anyways!!
Thanks ladies. Our floors (except for the kitchen) are all carpeted so I can't imagine how bad it can be! I am wondering if she actually did knock or is making that part up. My place isn't that big so I can usually hear every knock, and every door opening in the lobby, unless I was in the kitchen maybe had the radio on, who knows! Glad to know I'm not the only one, she's older than 60 and never leaves her apartment unless she goes outside to smoke (thank The Lord for that...
Thanks dalia you hit the nail on the head, she's totally one of those unfortunate miserable souls that is never happy. I say prayers for her when I walk past her door lol, she's been nothing but rude to me always when my husband is never around! Thanks for the reassurance
My husband and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, I am a stay at home mom, my kids are boys 4 and almost 2. We are hoping to move sometime next year, but in the meantime we do our best to keep our kids from being too noisy. We are on the 2nd floor, the woman below is and always has been a bad seed, complains about everything and everyone, stalks the parking lot for special parking spots, just not a nice lady. Anyhow I try to be respectful non the less and keep my kids from...
Thank you! I'm not overly concerned, I think I was more or less looking for confirmation as to the truth that maybe I am getting "older" haha. I am due for an appt the end of the summer so if anything is still wonky I will def call earlier for an appt
Need opinion and some help. .. I'll be 35 in 2 mths, my cycles are always 28 days I track them, no pills, now they r getting longer about 30-32 days, and my moods have been worse 1-2 days prior (I feel like I can't control it!). Is this normal as I get older? I thought cycles got shorter as we got older? Thanks!
Mrs Gregory I know what you mean. The amount of arrogance in some people on fb is amazing. Some people posts just for the sake of posting. Attention maybe? I don't know. I am ready for a break and happy to know I can hide her news feed too!
Hahaha I hope not otherwise I am in big trouble now!
So I am officially going Facebook free for lent. I have been going on less and less over the past few months. I want to focus more on the present and where I am, my children, real life rather than a website that is getting annoying. It's just full of too many complainers! My question is when lent is over I doubt I will go back on Facebook I thought I would limit it to once a week or once every other week. My problem is my mother. She's a huge Facebook addict freak. Today...
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