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I have a wonderful update. I "liked" the U of M Midwives page on Facebook, and sent my question to them there. Joanne personally responded. They DO allow waterbirths for VBAC's! I am so excited for my appointment with her next week.
Hello. I am expecting my fifth child, due in December, and am considering giving birth at U of M with the midwives. #1 was a c/s. #2 was a hospital VBAC. #3 and #4 were both unassisted home waterbirths. Do they allow waterbirths for VBAC patients? I have an appointment with Joanne Bailey next month, but thought I'd throw this question out there, in case someone could answer for me :) Thanks!
I came down with a really bad stomach bug and have had diarrhea since Friday. The pain was terrible, but I'm feeling better although I still have diarrhea. I have lost 14 pounds in 5 days! I am tandem nursing my 2 year old and my 5 month old. My supply has dropped! The 5 month old's stools are a little too firm, and I can tell that she has pain and difficulty when pooping. I have been drinking Mother's Milk tea, and water, but I am not eating very much.   Any advice...
That sounds like a really good resource! I will pass it along to her. Thank you :)
  Thank you!  
My friend's husband told her several weeks ago that he wanted a divorce. She just found out that he has been unfaithful in their relationship. I have no idea whether they are trying to work things out, or how either of them feel. I want to send her something to perk her up at little. Any ideas?
My Lila was born 3 hours and 57 minutes past 10/10/10
Maura Joy October 11th 3:57 AM 7 pounds, 9 ounces
Coming back to say that I had my baby on Monday, and did not tear We only did the perineal massage twice I think...? For any future births, we will not even consider the need! Thanks for all of the input here!
I feel pretty confident that I won't tear now I'll have to come back and update - hopefully that will be SOON!
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