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Anyone have success turning twins? Baby A is breech and B is trasnverse at 34 weeks. I'm starting to panic. A is really low too...her butt is pretty much engaged in my pelvis so I not only need her to turn I gotta get her out of my pelvis first. Anyone have success with two? Seems like everything I've heard works great with one but not two. Here's what I'm doing/have done so far -I order some moxa sticks for moxibustion -I'm taking a high potency of...
Quote: Originally Posted by DeannaK Okay, I'm going to be brave. Here is my 35Week5Day with twins photo. (excuse the double chin - comes with double babies) Here's the other side 2 days previous. Forty pounds gained. Fundus measuring 49cm! yay...another twin belly!! You look great! Your getting so close!! Here is my twin belly at almost 34 weeks http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...7/IMG_7011.jpg
Also taking a cal/mag supplement daily will keep it away. If I miss one day of my cal/mag it comes back with a vengence!!
I am having twins so thankfully the twin comments are true here. But here's a conversation I had the other day with a lady Her: So any chance that baby is going to be here b/f christmas? Me: Nope, not due until March sometime **pause** but there's 2. Her: Oh...that explains why your so big! (gee thanks) Me: yep... Her: So are they natural? Me: they sure are (we did use fertility drugs if that's what she was meaning but I definitely don't have two...
Here I am at 27 weeks with the twins. I'm now officially larger than I was at 41 weeks with my son!!! Scary! http://tinyurl.com/7zbu8m
Quote: Originally Posted by lilgreen I was just browsing throug Nymbler.com again and it struck me how many of the boy name suggestions they were giving me were last names. So it occured to me that girls are getting new names from the boys and boys have to resort to taking last names to rebuild their name stock. Hmmmm.... And even this isn't true either. My son is Cooper which was traditionally a surname and I just met a lady who named her...
I was measuring 31 weeks at 23 weeks but then again I am having twins!
I'm doing the hypnobabies home study and i'm only a week into it but I'm loooooving it!!! I did do bradley with my first though.
Hey guys- Things are going great here! We found out we are having two girls!! We are planning on naming them alanna and abigail. I'm feeling quite large already and I keep wondering how I'm going to make it 4 more months or so! lol
Quote: Originally Posted by DeannaK Horizontal stripes .... not my friend these days. : I had no idea I'd gotten that big!!!! I guess when you are 5' carrying twins you grow out from boobs to whoohaa. The OB said I was measuring the same as a singleton pregnancy at 35 weeks. 23 week twin belly You don't look big at all...you look great!
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