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  Thanks CM for the update!   
I second Sunny's assessment so far.  We had ours almost for year and we just went through purchasing all new tires.  We researched between our costco tire location or the dealership and it came out a wash because of a sale they were having.   Personally I check out the online forums for Prius to see what folks are chatting about, looking at recommended brands (like for tires) and common issues that these cars might be having.  It's a treasure trove of information and...
Thank you MovnMama for starting up this new thread!!
Count me in!  Thanks Aeress & love the title too!  And I get to do a bit of shopping to boot! A win for all!
Popping in to see if any response... which I don't see has happened yet.     I'm going to put my rose-colored glasses on and wonder if they have not addressed our request simply because they are working on the logistics of creating the forum such as the "ground rules" and find a mod to oversee us.   For me: I would love to have a place to discuss how to address/battle/cope with the emotions of planning for a 3rd after 2 c-sections without feeling cornered into...
Having participated in several of the c-section threads here, and reading all 10 pages of the robust conversation here I hope the admins will provide this forum/or sub-forum for a piece of their MDC community members who are asking for it.   I believe the position of "don't talk about it" has done a disservice to many mothers who have come back after their birth experiences looking for information/support from their community.    
I just picked up a book on Kundalini meditation practices and it's quite interesting so far.  I've just done some of the warm-ups and simple mediative chants to get back into the rhythm of mediation.  I'm liking it so far.
Subbing on day 1!  Woohoo!  We had a blast ToT last night as we did 2 ToT events: 1 at my work where the kids were a bit off and whinneeeeeeeee and the 2nd at our friends at night.  The kids had a blast at the second one and might have been a bit too warm at my workplace.  I know I was and getting cranky with the heat.   With all souls day, I started a family tree project and hopefully DS1 will get excited about it.  We chatted last night about all his ancestors who...
  Most likely the ethics of practicing medicine, the ideals of upholding informed consent and the overwhelming likelihood the parents would sue the school & nurse
I've been watching a lot of the new fall shows (thanks to hulu!!) and lots of work at night at home.   Favs so far: Revenge Pan Am Up all Night (DH hasn't seen much, but has chuckled at what he has seen so far) Prime Suspect   Giving a chance: Suburgatory     No bueno: Whitney - we tried 3 times to watch and it was painful The Secret Circle - ugh     Pending because we haven't watched it yet or it's not out: TerraNova New Girl Once...
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