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gotta shower and get to store...
march thread here, courtesy of smilie queen sherri
renae: on poop, I may have talked about marek's love of the "race" to be the first one to go to the bathroom. sample conversation: me: marek, you look like you're doing the crazy poop dance. do you want to go first? or wait, I think I'm going to go first... [standing up to move towards the bathroom] M: no, no, NO! I have to go first, I want to go first, I want to go first! me: okay, then... even for the mostly non-competitive seeming marek, this seems to spur him to...
Quote: Originally Posted by dara00 thanks for the spoiler space, I almost got spoiled but it was covered up! I guess the first girl to go was close with the boy that she hugged after her song?? yes, I wondered that as well... Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!they were both on Star Search, so maybe they knew each other from that time...??? or maybe they just bonded through that mutual experience?
just a drive by to let you know I'm here and reading and thinking of you all... had a fabulous day yesterday with some friends... ahhh, good friends, the kind you can just BE with. and we had a lovefest over email late last night about our mutual respect and love for one another and that ability to just be together. ahhh... sun shining, children snacking, quiet in the house, for the moment anyway... ~c
thank you for all your thoughtful and insightful replies. it has helped quite a bit to read your responses, and I'm realizing what I need to do/ not do and say/ not say and just being okay with giving myself some time. thank you again.
thanks for the thoughts elsewhere. I've been thinking a lot, and talking it about it some, and reading some, and well, time is just passing and that always helps me find another perspective, so I'm starting to feel a little more at peace with the whole situation. not totally resolved in my mind yet, but starting to possibly see that in my future... stefan is really throwing me for a loop in his toddlerhood moments now. he understands a lot of what we say, can and...
feeling preoccupied, mind befuddled, and that's WITH coffee... meg found my post in TAO from a couple days ago but it's purposefully cryptic because of... well, you know. :halfsmile: but I'm an abstract kinda gal and the responses have been helpful. anyway, thinking of you all, sending you all love, hopefully will get the chance (and hopefully will feel more inspired and less heavy-hearted) to write more soon. ~c
it's not about bullies per se, but it is fascinating reading and discusses bullying within the narrative: "You Can't Say 'You Can't Play!'" by Vivian Gussin Paley
in the particular situation i am thinking of, i suppose "feel invalidated" could be replaced with "not being heard" or "unable to speak" or "not allowed to communicate."
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