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I think the way it breaks down for me (coming back to this thread after some time to think things over more on my own) is that different faiths appeal to me on different levels. Judaism appeals intellectually, because there are so many good books and so much discussion and analysis in the tradition. Paganism appeals to my imagination and sense of wonder, a childlike part of me that marvels at nature and talks to animals. However, Christianity is still the tradition that...
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming Our LO had a lot of health problems last winter and was hospitalized twice with pneumonia/reactive airway disease. One of the times he was in the PICU and his life was in jeopardy. I'm with your DH.
This IS something new. It wasn't always like this. It's part of the "pornification" of our culture, and it's sick, sad, and unfortunately seems to be a progressive degenerative disease. Several books have come out about the "pornifying" of culture in the last couple years, so at least we're not alone in noticing and objecting to this trend.
Sounds like a panic attack to me.
Maybe it goes without saying, but don't fight in front of her, or around her, if you can avoid it. And if fighting is getting to be more frequent or problematic, maybe this is a good time to look into why that is, and maybe find a way to address that. However, I don't think she is necessarily thinking she's "responsible for making mama happy." The simpler and more likely explanation for her behavior is, she's modelling back to you how you behave towards her when she's...
I guess I am too dense to understand why quitting isn't an option?
I'll be watching this thread, I got this the whole time I was breastfeeding my first, until I got pregnant again. And if it starts up hardcore this time, I'm going to look at starting to supplement pretty early, because it seriously harmed my quality of life. Wish I had something helpful to contribute.
I seriously doubt most people are having 2 kids because of Malthus. Seriously. Doubt. Fortunately I also seriously doubt that most people who have more than two kids are doing it because they believe they have to keep outnumbering people in other parts of the world.
Physical therapy.
Whatever you do FINISH YOUR ANTIBIOTICS. Remember that this is a bug that already is resistant to many types of antibiotics; if you don't finish your course of antibiotics, it could become resistant to the type you are taking as well, endangering your health and life and that of anyone else who comes in contact.
New Posts  All Forums: