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Sorry to get back to everyone so much later!  Mlle. Alix was born on Monday morning at 35 weeks 4 days.  She's doing well in the NICU but I can't wait to get her home!  I'll post more in the Birth Stories thread.  
I did NOT expect to be joining this thread so soon!  I'm not due until May 30th but I'm experiencing all the signs of early labor so it's off to the hospital for us!  Really baby, I wasn't in any hurry!  
  My daughter did the running away from me thing at the grocery store last week.  I didn't realize I wasn't the only one!  I'm wondering if this kind of contrary behavior she's been having lately has to do with the impending siblinghood!   I didn't feel like my daughter was going to be early, I totally expected she'd be on teh later side.  Don't you know I went into labor right around 39 weeks!  I'll be better prepared this time!   I love that the two sets of twins will...
  I was given these rubber sheet type things that I put down between the pad and a flannel receiving blanket.  I rarely had to change the blanket, never mind the rubber sheet.  I later picked up a couple of yards of rubber sheet material at JoAnn's Fabric so it shouldn't be too hard to find if you wanted to go that route.  A half yard would probably get you two to three pieces to cover the changing area.  I think a folded up towel would work fine for the cushy...
A couple of years ago we had a massive snowstorm in May!  I'm not due until the end of May so I hope I can avoid snowstorms!     I wish I could borrow your husband!  LOL  My husband is out of town right now but with the snow all melted there's all kinds of projects we could be doing outside!
Oh, I like that the juices are fresh squeezed!  Thanks for the recipe!  I did have to search for it rather then have it come right up with the link.  Strange because once I found it the address is the same!)
I just updated the info on the Amazon.com one I'd had for my daughter.  It's about half books with the rest being useful odds and ends or consumables like diaper rash cream!  My MIL has mentioned letting her know if we need anything but i don't remember if I'd mentioned the updated baby registry or not.  That might be what prompted me to update it actually!
  I'm really hoping to be able to labor outside.  I've already warned my husband that the pool had better be open and the heater working!  My due date isn't until the end of May so we just might get lucky with the weather.     We have ducks and guineas but I didn't even think about them being a problem.  We got the guineas as keets this fall so I don't know what their free range habits are likely to be.
Non-maternity wrap dresses in a stretchy fabric can be a good option too.  I picked one up at Dress Barn for my last pregnancy after seeing my cousin's wife wear one for a family holiday party.  Might not be a formal enough option for you, PhilsBabyMama but it's an idea for the rest of you who prefer wearing dresses anyway!   Like PhilsBabyMama I'm near the Canadian border, only in Vermont, so I don't even get a Target!  I still fit in one pair of non-maternity jeans...
I'm in northern VT and the fee for my first birth was $4,100 due before the birth.  I'm seeing the same midwife though her co-midwife has changed.  Her rates have not changed but because I ended up with a C-section after a transfer this birth is higher risk and the state requires that two midwives attend this birth so the fee is $4,600.  I think labs are included, birth tub is extra ($100), and I'm not sure about the birth kit. I'm pretty sure the ultrasound will get...
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