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well i'm not really worried about insurence either. mine is super stinky anyways, so i really don't know where to go with that either :-/ what do the amish do? i know they have it around...somehow! grr why is this so hard?!
So here I am 22 weeks pregnant and ready for my second home birth! I am doing my own prenatal care and in the state I live in (OH) home birth is not accepted in the medical practice very well. Here is my problem. I had a good friend watch her best friend lose a baby to Trisomy 18, and even though it is rare and just a genetic fluke I cannot get it off my mind. Well I talked it over with my midwife and she suggested that if it is really bothering me that much it...
: Thanks everyone this is awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by ilovejeff As far as food goes - what about bringing in liquid yogurt, smoothies, etc - something with protien and calories in "liquid" form? Oh my goodness I never thought of that, Genius!!
I didn't know exactly where to post this, but since I am a homebirther I figured "hey why not?" I had a homebirth with my second child and it was wonderful. To make a long story short I inspired a friend to have a homebirth with her second. Well it was all set up until she started to have some serious marital problems and she is in the middle of a divorce, living at home with her parents. Her parents are not up for a homebirth and with the midwives in our area with...
hey all If anyone needs diapers or diaper supplies and orders them from diapers.com use JGEM6248 in the referral code box at checkout you get $10 off your order! just thought i would let everone know :
I made sure I had someone there (my sister) to take pics. I showed her a couple slideshows on youtube so she had an idea of some of the shots i wanted. we set up the video camera in the corner of the room, and it was all free....i wouldn't pay someone unless it was your last resourse. My pics/video turned out wonderful :
http://www.poolcenter.com/abovegroun...e_poolstor.htm i just gave birth on christmas and i used the Aquarium Pool off this web site. It was wonderful, and my kids can use it this summer!!
lol, have you ever bought the cheap icecream that comes in a gallon bucket? I used one of those after my husband ate all the icecream, It was way bigger then we needed, but i didn't have to go get a bowl just for the placenta, just thought i would throw that out there
Quote: Originally Posted by wbg Its funny that you said your baby might be digging her way out! That was exactly how I felt. it felt like she was right down there and I kept thinking she must be breech and kicking the crap out of my v!! When she was born guess what part came out first with her head...her hand...that pesky, burrowing, get me out of here hand!!! Hang in there mama....I feel for you! lol, this is funny, i felt the same way the...
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