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no ! I've hears that all parts of sweet peas are poisinious.
My son didn't fully retract till he was about 7. I hope this helps. Janet
I Had A WW ans a PY. I got about 1/2 as much with the WW, but with the PY I had the suction tuned all the way up. If you liked the low suction it would be an ok pump. I agree that it's going to be too conspicuous to use in front of costomers but, I like that it left my hands free to eat lunch,read. or do paper work.
O.K. now I feel dumb. I talked to him again this morning about talking to me or DH if he ever has any problems. He asked why I semed so worriedand I told him. Well it turns out it was lint from his undies.
I babysat for an intact boy when I was about 14. Everything looked so normal and health just like skin. Diaper changes were so easy. Than my sister had a boy and circed him. I remember the first time I changed his diaper after his circ. It was horrible and bloody,not cleaner and healthier. I was afraid to wipe him. I didn't really do much research till after my son was born and family who noticed he wasn't circed started giving us grief. When he was about 5 he asked...
Thank-you as you can tell no-one in either dh's or my family is intact
I have 12 year old intact son. I hadn't seen his penis in a while. The other day he steped on an earring his sister left in the tub. When I went in to pull it out of his foot I notice the tip of his penis was blueish. After he got out I asked him if it had been hurting of itching and he said no. So is this normal? I don't have any one I could ask who wouldn't say ,see now you have to go get him circed. Thanks for any help you can give. Janet
Quote: Originally posted by alissakae Logan, Utah at 200 North Main Street. Say hi - my little guy will be wearing the "boobie king" t-shirt! i'll see you there. The BK in our town is in a gas station
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