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Took DD (3.5yrs) to her first dental exam and got alot of heat for the non flouride choices I've made. As it turns out she has 8 cavities!! They are all in the back and are due to her teeth being so tight together. The plan of care was 1) general anesthesia to get all 8 done at once or 2) try to do two at a time in 4 separate appointments with DD awake. They want to do 7 fillings and 1 crown, which is basically a root canal! When I told them I needed to discuss the options...
We live in Roxborough but are wiling to travel a bit. It for my 3 year old DD. TIA
Thanks. It's the same idea as a ring sling but if I can just slip it on and off I feel like it'd e easier. I never mastered my ring sling and I am looking for something for the earlier days because I'll probably transition to my beco as she gets bigger. 
I'm trying to decide between the mamma's milk adjustable sling and the simple stretch cotton one. I already have a ring sling and a beco butterfly and I'm looking to supplement with something super easy and portable. I just want to be able to throw it on. The reviews for the adjustable are great and now I'm wondering if I should get that one since it may give me more options. Any thoughts or advice are appreciated. TIA 
We have thought about attaching a twin on but I never thought of it as me and baby in the full and DH in the twin...I was thinking DD in the full with me and baby in the co sleeper. This option does keep my toddler in her own bed, which is something I really wanted to keep in tact. I have minor concerns about an infant being in the middle however. I would feel safer with her on my one side either with a co sleeper or bed rail. I do think we can safely achieve this option...
DD is 3 years old and currently we bed share with her crib (3 sided) side carred to our bed with me sleeping next to her (essentially, Im in the middle). We have a new baby coming in Fenruary and I want to attach the co-sleeper to the other side of the bed but DD still wants to be next to me. Our bed is only full sized so we don't have enough space to put her in the middle. Also, I feel like moving her out of her own area (side carred crib) is somewhat of a step...
thanks alo! I will have her look into these with her doctor asap.
My sister is 20 years old. About a year ago she became ill and has been getting worse. She was diagnosed with lime disease and treated for it (its gone now) but still has a myriad of mysterious symptoms. Any help would be great here...TIA! Here are the symptoms:   -stabbing chest pains -Dizziness -eyes get blurry (maybe from dizziness) -Nausea -Poor Concentration & bad memory,  like she literally cant remember what i did yesterday. -Frequent bathroom...
I am starting to look for a preschool for DD for next fall. We live in Roxborough but are planning to move to a nearby suburb in the next year. I am interested in Montessori education but not dead set on it. I just want to find a nuturing part time preschool setting that doesn't break the bank. We are a vax free family so it has to be a place that will not hassle us for that. Any suggestions?
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