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I'm hoping someone here has advice. I just got the Mirena last Wednesday. On Saturday I came down with a migraine which has not completely cleared up yet. I have never been in this much pain before and the nausea was really bad. I threw up a few times. I called the doctor and felt like my concerns were dismissed and whoever I talked to said my headaches were not related to the Mirena. I'm also bleeding on and off even though my period is supposed to be done. How long...
Our school has the write a check campaign. I was so glad to not have to sell anything.
I am large too these days, but when I was 13 I was still flat chested.
I was 15 and was happy that I didn't get it earlier than that. I was fairly thin and also active.
It's a block away. I like that it's close.
When my son sits and goes, he will just hoist himself up on the toilet. Facing the stall door, placing hands on the seat and lifting himself on the toilet, and then he leans forward slightly to maintain his balance. Have your son practice like that at home and then he should be good to go in public.
Can he stand and pee? At 4, DS was tall enough to pee standing up.
When I took my maternity leave, I was told that taking other employment would be grounds for termination.
My son is quite the negotiator. It gets old real fast. Now I am noticing the sibling rivalry. They play nice together for the most part but then they'll fight because they want to play with the same toy.
Toddlerhood is easier after dealing with a 4 year old. My son is about to turn 5 and it has been like the others said, many ups and downs and lots of growing. My daughter is 2 and terrible twos are nothing compared to the 3s and 4s. DS still gets upset over little things. Like tonight at dinner, he got all pouty because he wanted daddy to get him a glass of milk. He eventually came around and sat back down to eat. He's also more independent and can do most things...
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