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I think older folks forget just how energetic young kids can be. We were at dinner the other day with in-laws, SIL and her kids. While we were waiting for the check, DS was getting bored and fidgety and playing in the seat. MIL said we needed to control him better. I told DS that he needed to sit back down in his seat. MIL wasn't even sitting next to him. I brushed off the comment since I didn't want to get into an argument with her. Her child tolerance is not very...
For me, it would depend on the age of the sibling. Most venues don't charge for kids under 2, so I wouldn't hesitate to bring a child that age. For age 2 and up, I would check with the parent. You can always offer to pay for the sibling so you don't have to wait around.
I've never had problems gate checking car seats or strollers for a lap child.
allisonrose-thats interesting. Our Nautilus has the push down release. We bought it last year from Walmart.com.
My son (4 1/2) can buckle himself into the Nautilus and Maestro. The Maestro is a little harder to get in so sometimes I have to help him. He's been able to do that for the past year at least. He can get out himself too. He doesn't have any issues with the crotch strap. He's 42in and close to 40lbs.
Playing outside all day every day with my neighborhood friends from morning till late at night. Going to the beach Visiting cousins in Florida. Hanging out with my local cousins
Splash pads are popular here for parties. We've been to 2 and my son has always had a great time. I'm thinking of doing that for his birthday this year.
If you can borrow one that's great. If not, the Evenflo Maestro is a good harnessed seat. My son is about the same height and weight as your DD and he fits in it just fine. it's lightweight and easy to install.
Can you try backing off for a few weeks? Just keep her in diapers and don't bring up the subject. She may come around on her own. Good luck! September is still 3 months away. She may be ready by then.
We do a lot of free swimming in the summer. It's hot in Texas! DS was always comfortable in the water and was jumping in the pool when he was almost 3. I do see him trying out for a swim team in the future if he's interested.
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