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It's one thing to try and get your kid comfortable in the water, but if you don't know how to teach them to swim or they don't want to learn from you, then lessons are best. Plus with lessons you can go year round whereas getting access to an indoor pool year round is more difficult. Heck, I have trouble getting DS to show me what he's learned when we do go to the pool. A YMCA membership probably costs more than lessons.
I started my son last year, about 2 months before he turned 4. I have noticed as he's gotten older, he's grasping the skills more quickly. His program teaches them basics first, like front and back floating and streamline kicking. Then they move into the swim strokes. He can now do the backstroke with guidance and freestyle with rotating onto his back and then roll back down to continue. He just graduated the beginner class and now is in the advanced class where the...
Are you flying with her as a lap child? Then, yes, you should bring a copy of her birth certificate for age verification.
We started taking DS at 2 1/2. We found a really great pediatric dentist. I want him to have a positive experience since I really didn't especially when I had braces.
I also forgot to add that we did Volcanos national park in Hawaii. Definitely worth a trip if you are going to the Big Island.
I read a chapter in my novel before I go to bed. It would be impossible for me to read something like that while the kids are up. I get distracted easily.
We are going through this phase too! I have to lock myself in the bedroom sometimes if I am taking a phone call if DS is constantly asking me something. Most of the time, he just wants to talk to the person on the line he'll ask and I will tell him when I am done, you can talk. If I am trying to have a conversation with DH, DS will try to get a word in. It's frustrating sometimes.
What's his height and weight? What kind of car seat is he in now? Is the harness in the right position and tight enough? 2 is still too young for a booster and illegal in most states. Most kids aren't booster ready till 5 or 6. Most moms here still have their 2 year olds rear facing.
The scenera is a great travel seat. We travelled with that seat for DD and the Maestro for DS. We were able to stack both seats on top of the stroller to make going through the airport easier.
We've been to the following. This was all before we had kids. Zion- my other top pick. Lots of great hiking. Bryce Canyonlands - very similar to Grand Canyon as far as the vastness of it. If we had a 4 wheel drive vehicle we probably could have spent more time here. Arches - my favorite. I loved this park. Rocky Mountain - I loved the scenery here. Carlsbad caverns Yellowstone - only saw the geyser section. Grand Canyon north rim- beautiful views. Badlands White sands...
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