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I've been there too and it sucks. I went to a small Catholic school from grade 1-8. Add in glasses when I was 7 (4-eyes) and braces (metal mouth, etc) at 11, also being the shortest in class and not being able to fight back. I got called ugly so many times that I felt ugly. Other kids had braces and they never got picked on. The smartest girl in class was pretty so she never got picked on. It was just me. This made me an easy target. I, too came home and cried...
I went back full time when DS was 18 weeks. It was so hard. I cried every day for the first month. After that I got into a groove, then I skewed my hours so I wouldn't get home so late. My son is a happy little boy at 15 months now. He's thriving at daycare and learning so much. I also really like my job. We play together and eat dinner together as a family which is nice, then I rock and nurse him to sleep. It also got easier as he got older.
We used to have to hold DS's (15months)arms to brush his teeth because he would try and grab the toothbrush and chew on it. Eventually I think he figured out what we were doing, so now I just call him over and say "Time to brush teeth!" He comes over, opens his mouth and lets me brush his teeth.
Quote: Originally Posted by marispel LOL - I'm a total wimp. It was 50 this weekend & I thought that was pretty darn chilly to be out. I guess I should suck it up and dress him warm to take on a stroller ride. He just loves being outside! Me too! I took DS out to the park on Saturday, but it was way too cold (high 40s) to let him run around. So we did a quick 5 minutes on the swing and then back home. I hate winter and we're actually...
DS takes 2 hour naps at daycare. On weekends it's usually an hour. He sleeps from 7pm to about 9am straight through. He takes after me cause I love my sleep.
My DS who is 15 months now, learned how to give kisses a few months ago. He opens his mouth and says "mwa" and you get a big wet slobbery kiss on the cheek. Today, he helped load and unload the washer and dryer. When we go to grandma's, he feeds the dogs their food and then makes a huge mess because he'll wash his hands and splash in the water bowl.
Do you travel a lot for your job? IME, people who are in field service, field apps, tend to travel a lot and they are usually single or married w/o kids. I'm an engineer and I'm surprised of how many moms in my dept work. Most of the men are married with kids as well.
We went with a center mainly because DH works from home and it would be too distracting to have DS home with someone else in the house. DH gets distracted pretty easily. He did not work much while I was on leave and he doesn't work much when I'm off from work.
We have an XTSL and it is difficult to tighten as well. I think what's happening is that the metal clip that the harness is hooked on to gets stuck somewhere underneath the seat. What we tried was loosening it until the metal clip was visible and then slowly tightening it while guiding the back of the harness. It seemed to work. I have the same issue on DS's True Fit. On that one, I try not to loosen the harness when I take it off or put it on.
I've got the Chicco hook on chair. We bought it for our trip and it was nice cause it folded flat in the suitcase. Now we keep it in the car and use it at restaurants. I don't like the restaurant highchairs since most of them have the belt missing and are too low for DS. We have yet to find a table where it won't hook on. People are always commenting on what a great chair it is.
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