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I know a boy named Shaya, he wears it well. I don't know how he spells it in English. It sounds gentle to me, and quiet, which this young man is.
Both my DSs were winter babies, so this is a whole new creative ball game. I'm planning on this blanket: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spiral-blanket-of-awesome-a-tutorial   And a few of these shorties: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spare-ribs-shoaker But first I have a few projects to finish up for others due sooner... Happy crafting, everyone!
My two boys (27 mos apart) share a room, and have since we put the baby in the crib. Before that he was in the cradle in our room. My older one is an easy, deep sleeper, so even if the baby cried he seldom woke up. If he did, a quick pat was all that was needed. I used to sit at the foot of his twin an nurse the little one back to sleep. Ah, memories!   Now, expecting our third, we're planning on having the cradle in our room to start, and then setting the crib up in...
Thanks for your responses. I'm feeling better about it, slowly, but she's still "embarassed" around me, which makes it akward.
So I'm working on finding the best provider for a VBA2C in NYC.   The midwife who attended my first VBAC will be on vacation over my due date, she cannot take me. I have not been able to find another midwife willing to take me.   I've met a couple doctors who say, "I'd be ok with it, but the others in my practice are not as open-minded, so it would come down to luck as to who's covering when you go into labor."   I just had a meet and greet with a two doctor...
So glad to hear it!
I just found out my SIL had a successful VBAC, and while I am SO PROUD of her, I am also SO JEALOUS. (I had a "failed" VBAC in 2010.) She wasn't even going to try- her MD told her she had only a 10% chance of success, but after I told her about the safety and benefits, she decided to go for it. Also, I'm now pregnant with my third (only 6w, she doesn't know about it yet), and having a difficult stressful time finding a VBA2C provider... of course I didn't want her to...
Did you try posting in your tribal area? You may have better luck getting local recommendations there. Good luck!
Did you try posting in your Tribal Area? You'll probably have better luck with local information there! Good luck!
The general consensus is 18 months between deliveries- you can start "trying" when your  baby is 9 months old or so. Good luck!
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