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My husband goes by a name that isn't even close to his legal name. His mom just didn't like his name so she started calling him a different name when he was about 3. Everyone calls him his other name. It's a quick "My name is x but I go by y" and it's not a big deal. Call him what you want and change it legally later if you need to.
Not sure how this was bumped but Alexam you perfectly described my 8 year old...
Can I jump in? Haven't been on here since pregnancy, but just figured out home to do this on my phone! My 11-11-11 baby girl was actually born 10-27-11.
Funny, I am a Jennifer from the 70's and I've never seen Love Story or knew it was connected to my name. So maybe the parents will associated Esme with Twilight but her peers won't. I do think Esme is trendy now, but I think it started a bit before Twilight since all these other old fashion names became popular in the last few years. I think it is a pretty name and you should just go for it if you like it. FWIW, my mom SWEARS she didn' tknow any Jennifers until after she...
I also think JD Salinger and Jawbreaker (song called "For Esme")
That is my constant decision-- I know that being hydrated helps my numbers, but especially now that baby has dropped-- I am seriously getting out of bed at least 4 times a night.
I haven't had one in a few years. I used to pass them on to friends if I didn't need them. The last time a friend gave one to me, it wouldn't work. I wondered if they were somehow tied to rewards card numbers or something now. Thanks.
And because GD is so impossible to figure out, I find that now that I'm on meds (insulin), I can eat anything or nothing for a bedtime snack and I still get an 83 every morning (for 3 weeks now!).
Just found you ladies. I'm 35, expecting baby number 2 sometime this month. My dh is 41. I was 28 when I had my first.  I also have a 16 year old dss and an 8 yo ds.
Thanks, mamas. I had been thinking that a doula was too costly (plus, if I have this completely medicated, doctor controlled birth or a c-section, I thought, would it be worth the money and her time?), but I met a woman last night who is fully trained, but still getting enough births to be certified (I think that is how she explained it). She is charging just $100. I think I'll call her and talk about it. Plus, DH is actually really into our Lamaze class, so he is...
New Posts  All Forums: