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Had my first one 8 years ago. It was pretty easy, though at the end I had some kidney issues (preexisting issue) and I was induced early, but basically normal.   This one has been completely different. I had crazy morning sickness. When that resolved itself, I was diagnosed with GD. Diet wasn't working so I'm on insulin. My kidneys are acting up again (spilling protein), and now, about a week ago, I apparently had a mini-stroke/ TIA. Now I'm going to doctor...
The last hospital I delivered at had a no food policy-- ice chips only. This one is a little more relaxed. They want to you to only have broth, juice, popcicles, jello, etc. Will add this to my list of questions for OB this week.
Posted on the other thread.  Our girl will be Clea Bee. Clea is from a Lawerence Durrell book, and similar to Cleo, which I like, but I think a little prettier. Bee is a combo of my aunt Linda Lee and DH's grandma Beverly who have both passed on. Plus, we both like bees.
I'm doing ice cream, too. I don't get the low carb ones, though-- they often have 15 carbs per half cup just like a lot of the regular ice creams. My doc doesn't subtract sugar alcohols though. If you did, I think the low carb ones would be low.   Speaking of fake sugar-- there is a low carb pumpkin cheese cake I want to try (with almond meal crust-- sounds good!) but it uses Splenda. I cannot stand the taste of Splenda in baked goods. Any suggestions? (I try not to...
There have been other health scares linked to cantaloupe (salmonella). I personally am a bit freaked by listeria so I don't do cold cuts while pregnant either, but like you I also drink some caffiene and use some artificial sweeteners. I think those things are fine in moderation-- but listeria is not fine in moderation!   I think it has to do with the bumpy surface of the cantaloupe. When I do serve it to my family, I always scrub it with dish soap and a scrub brush....
Thank you for the suggestion. We tried a few cheap intercoms but returned them all. They were like walkie-talkies-- staticy when not talking. I saw a few baby monitors out there that had a "talk-to-baby" feature but they were all around $150. I won one off eBay. It works pretty well (a little staticy--probably why it was on eBay but I got it for $9).
Also, I knew two girls in high school named Riven and Haisly (maybe they are on here!). I thought both names were so cool, plus dh liked Riven because it sounds like Rivendell and he's a LOTR nerd, but how awkward would that be? I only know one other person in the whole world with this name, but I promise I didn't name my baby "for" you. One is a FB friend and one still lives in town, so . . .
Our moms don't even know and I'm telling you all :) So far Clea Bee Clea I think is just really pretty and I'm a Lawerence Durrell fan (has a book with that name). Bee is because I was trying to incorporate my aunt Linda Lee and DH's gma Beverly (both have passed). And I love bees.
I liked it because the taste was so much better than the rusty nails taste of other supplements (I can drink it straight), it worked, and it didn't constipate.
In addition to the 80/month for 2 years, plus $40 for each belt test, just found out (now that dss is ready for it) the black belt test is $500! Grrrr.
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