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I'm 32 weeks and I've had 3 ultrasounds in the last week (nonstress tests) and she's been head down, head up and transverse. Today I can feel kicks again up under my ribs, so I guess she's flipped again.
To answer the middle school questions, at my school kids don't have lockers and don't carry books (they have a book at home and every teacher has a class set of books in the room), they have to carry a back pack, and the school recommends that they carry a snack and water.  Middle and high schoolers here do not have recess.  I never said passing period was like a recess. I said kids are hungry before lunch, so my class before lunch is grouchy and sleepy. Someone said...
MeeMee-- They are middle school students, so they actually get a 5 minute break between each of their classes (at 9:15, 10:15, 11;15, then they come to me). Middle schoolers manage to circle the campus and visit all friends in that span of 5 minutes, so in my opinion, it was lack of food. They could of course have a snack during those breaks if they chose to, but most buy lunch. I eat a snack during their passing period.  
In my district there is snack/recess up to 6th grade (but kids bring their own). When I taught elementary, I think almost all the kids ate almost everyday. In middle school we don't have a break, but I wish we did. My class before lunch is a waste of time. They are starving and grumpy. Personally, I eat about every  2 or 3 hours all day, and I notice if my son doesn't he gets very grouchy. He has an AM snack at school and an after school snack when he gets home.
My 8 year old has a bed in his room (hardly used) and a twin be in our room.
So, my ds has always coslept, and we thought he'd be in his own room by the time he was 3 or so. Now he is 8 (!) and just now interested in sleeping in his own room. Great timing because we have a new baby coming soon. He wants a baby  monitor in his room so he can tell us if he is scared or needs something, but they just don't seem to make 2 way baby monitors. I couldn't respond to him.  Plus, I'm very pregnant and his room is on the other side of the house, so it would...
If it is BioAge Dermocosmetics, I liked it.   I'm due 11/11/11
Maybe stepson could print out the tardies and show to mom. Sometimes I feel like I'm hardly late, but seeing it printed out might and knowing there is a consequence might get me out the door quicker.
Seana-- same here. Before I started insulin  I noticed that if my fasting numbers were low, the whole day tended to be low. If high, the whole day was high. Now that I'm on insulin, my fasting numbers are low but I usually have a least one random high number during the day. I hope I can stick with only night time insulin!
Well, for example a Montessori classroom doesn't have "toys." They don't have a dress up area or a play kitchen. You can't use the pink tower to make a castle.  Some people see this as discouraging creativity. Maria Montessori found that kids liked to really make tea, clean the room, and cook rather than pretend to do it.
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