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I have gestational diabetes and I have absolutely no symptoms. In fact, I have it pretty badly. I am a healthy weight, have only put on 12 pounds (at 30 weeks) and my baby is not measuring big at this point. So, when I found out I have it, they said I'd be one of those people who just tweek your diet and exercise and everything is fine. Even though I follow the diet PERFECTLY, and I am on a way lower carb diet than most people with GD, my numbers keep going up. Not...
The diabetes nurse told my that I should have bloodwork done once a year to make sure I don't develop type 2. She said I wouldn't have to repeat the glucose test, it would just be a bloodtest. I wonder if they could do that postpartum?   Also, I Googled "glyburide and pregnancy" (the oral med that it seems that everyone with GD is taking instead of insulin) and I can see why the RN told me to go with insulin! I just can't go along with the "most women who take it in...
Sounds like a good plan.
When dss was 4, his mother moved away. The arrangment was to be that he was with her one week per month with us sharing the driving.She was also to have him all summer. She moved back before that started, though. . Can I ask what the current schedule is? Here, when a parent moves away, they tend to let the parent "make up" their time in the summer. They try to let the noncustodial parents still get their 25% or 40% or what ever vistitation but it will just take place...
My son liked Nowalis.   www.nowali.com  
My first OB wouldn't even see anyone until they were 12 weeks.
My DS started at 3, and I thought that was a good age to start. I work full time and I'm pregnant so I'm thinkin that his baby will start at 2, mostly because I really love this particular school and teachers (it would be half days and DS1 would be in the next room). We'll see,  though (DS was home with grandma before that). You say you live out in the country, so is a concern that there are not a lot of other kids around? Personally, I think a two year old just needs to...
My older DS stayed home with gma ( I worked) while he was two and started Montessori right after his 3rd bday. I'm pregnant now, and now that I know the school and the teachers, I'm thinking this baby will just start at 2, half days.  One thing we did to help transisitoin , was the teacher invited us to stop by the classroom a few times after the kids had left for the day so he could get used to her and the room at first.
"Age of Rudeness" Aha! My son just turned 8 and we are also in that "Oh, my god, does this kid need counseling" place as well, so interested in hearing replies.  
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