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The Milkies collector is great. It's bulky, so I wouldn't use it in public, but it works great at home. I usually got 1-2oz/feeding when I was using it.
Yes, you can save the leftover for the next feeding. I'd only save it once though, so if she doesn't finish it the second time, I probably would dump it.
There was a clarification of this law posted on one of the threads on babycenter: http://community.babycenter.com/post/a23886853/breastfeeeding_mandatory_by_law...?cpg=18&csi=2196 516598&pd=-1 Looks like it's not directed at moms, but at other people who might interfere with breastfeeding (employers, business owners, etc).
Yeah, that sounds like a "yeah, we don't violate the code in countries that have enacted legislation enforcing it." Blah.
My second was very much like that - super fussy during the day, fine at night. I tried everything and it turned out to be gas. Go figure. She needed to be burped for about 20 minutes after EVERY feeding, otherwise she was a miserable baby. She outgrew it around 4 months or so, but it was hell till we figured it out. I'd burp her and she'd burp, but she needed to burp 5+ times to get it all out; meanwhile I was stopping when I heard that first burp. I don't know why...
Absolutely not too late. In fact, I doubt it ever is. I was down to 4oz/day after I got my gallbladder out (DD was 5 weeks old). It only took 2 weeks (pumping 12x a day, a few of them power-pumps) to get up to 24oz/day at which point I didn't need to supplement anymore. Within a few months, I was up over 40oz/day, topping out at 46.
I used the Lansinoh bags too and they're very good IF you are super-careful about not bumping them around once frozen. I freeze flat and then put them sideways in a shoebox-sized sterlite container in the freezer. Each box holds about 100oz... once full the box goes in the deep freezer. This protects the bags and I very rarely have leaks. If I drop a frozen bag, I mark it with a sharpie then when it comes time to defrost I put it in a ziploc first, to save any...
I also don't see why she's providing frozen milk? Fresh is good for up to 8 days in the fridge, and it's better quality than frozen. I always give fresh - monday's milk on tuesday, tuesday's milk on wednesday... friday's milk on monday, etc. I do have some frozen bags as a 'back up' but have never really needed them. For my provider, I pre-make my daughters cups (she's 14m now, but this went for bottles too), and label them in the order I want them given (so oldest...
I've done it, but my main concern is I think i'd be badly injured by the airbags if I were in an accident? At the very least, the paramedics would have some story to tell though, lol.
I remember reading that, technically, before the law in MA was passed (last spring), one could, in theory, be arrested, charged for indecent exposure, and then forced to register as a sex offender! Now, I doubt that actually happened to anyone (would have caused quite an uproar), but it goes to show how necessary such protections are.
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