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Nope, wasn't nursed at all. Mom figured she had to go back to work in 3 or 4 weeks so what was the point. My sister was, as my mom was a SAHM by then. Unfortunately, the doctors had her on a feeding schedule (every 4 hours), so her milk wasn't as plentiful and my sister was fussy. My grandmother gave her a bottle one day, she drank it down and was happy, so she convinced my mom that her milk was bad (ie, lowfat). /sigh. Ahh well, better than nothing right? I tried...
Call Ameda - worst they can say is that they can't help you. My guess is they may have a few things for you to try to fix it. They do have very good customer service IMO.
Check out the Ameda Purely Yours (available at Target/Walmart sold as the Lansinoh Double Electric pump - same pump,different name). Only $150, and suction is just as strong/durable as the Medela pumps. Only real difference is there is no bag (there are versions with a bag for $200-220), but she could use any bag to carry it, as it is a pretty lightweight pump. Oh, and it is a closed system, so impossible for milk particles to get in the tubing/motor and then be blown...
Cool - thanks!
Ugh, if it's PUPPPs then I'm soo sorry. Had it with my DD and it was the worst 2 weeks of my life. I'd wake up with the sheets streaked with blood, and skin under my nails from scratching in my sleep (not that I slept much at all either). My doctor had me try hydro cortisone, oatmeal baths, then when that didn't work she prescribed a couple allergy medicines, first Zyrtec then when that didn't work, another one (can't remember the name offhand). Not sure if that last...
I would work on a freezer stash. Then, if this happens again, you can either: 1. Just use the freezer stash OR 2. If on a relatively safe medication, pump and mix with some of the stashed milk. That'll further reduce the amount of medication that your baby gets.
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