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It's pretty useful for daytime feedings. I could save 1-2oz per feeding at the beginning. Helped build up a nice stash without pumping. It is bulky (ie, you wouldn't want to use it in public), but it should fit you fine. I'm a C-D (depending on time of day), and it worked well for me. At night I always just had to use a nursing pad and yes, that means a sleep bra for me. I've never been able to go bra-less while nursing.
For liquidy poo we had the most luck with huggies overnights, since they have elastic in the back they held in more poo than pampers.
Maybe try SoftBums? I just got some this past week and they seem super-adjustable.
Unless she seems uncomfortable, she's probably fine. Around that age many EBF babies start to poop less often (sometimes only every 10 days or so!). As long as when she does poop it's the normal consistency (not hard), and she's not straining, uncomfortable, then there's nothing to worry about.
Quote: Hmm...in my state being a SAHM is an automatic excuse. It doesn't say anything about breastfeeding, though. But it seems to me that only unemployed mothers face this issue - working mothers already have childcare and/or arrangements for breastfeeding or pumping while away from the child. Working moms may have childcare, but it might not be the right hours and might be in the opposite direction from the courthouse. And, while they likely have...
We have a health office. It has a sink, mini fridge, desk, couch, and a couple chairs. Also has a locking door, and no windows. Works great. We're hiring a part-time nurse to work on our health programs soon... I suspect she'll have that office so I'm not sure what I'll do. I've got a coworker asking about that soon.
You can also defrost in a bowl of cold water - it's surprisingly fast. I do it that way so then I can make up the bottles without really heating the milk (since I prepare them in the morning).
Colostrum is a laxative, so that's likely it. As your milk transitions more, it should help the diarhea.
I thought it was good too. I think it sent the message that it's easy for some moms, not so easy for others, and if you just ignore the naysayers, you can make it work for you even if it doesn't seem to come naturally.
How long are you gone and how many ounces is DD taking? Typically, BF babies need 1-1.5oz per hour. If you nurse right before you leave, and as soon as you get home, then you need a bit less. For example, I'm gone 10.5 hours, and my DD takes 8-12oz while I'm gone.
New Posts  All Forums: