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Hmm, maybe he's only afraid of cow milk? I was wondering that too.
At 16 months she could have some whole milk, water, or a bit of juice (but I wouldn't do much juice - maybe an ounce watered down). Will you be pumping at work or is this more of a long-term thing?
No matter how careful we are, when someone in the house gets sick, we all do. So, if I get swine flue, I figure they've already been exposed so I'll just nurse away...
The base of our flatscreen screwed on to our TV stand, so it's on there pretty good. I can't tell if the Samsung has that?
Quote: Originally Posted by BRmama Thanks for the replies. Our budget is up to $100. Hope this helps, also just out of curiosity can the convertibles be used since birth? Still learning about them. I'm in no hurry to turn him forward. Thanks again. Some can, but since when rear-facing the straps have to be at or below the shoulders, most convertibles won't fit a newborn correctly. Even if the straps are at the lowest position, that's often...
Many people switch carseats at age one because they are in a hurry to turn their kids forward-facing. However, the safest option is to remain rear-facing as long as possible - up to 35 pounds or more, depending on the particular convertible seat. So you'll want a convertible next, but you don't HAVE to get one until your child is outgrowing the infant seat you have (and I'm guessing you're close by height now)
I'd thaw some, smell/taste, and assuming it's not nasty, I'd go ahead and use it.
It's not that I have a problem with the coupons.. if they were linked to the purchase of formula or even, say, diapers, that wouldn't phase me. It's when they're linked to nursing-specific supplies (breast pads, milk bags, etc), that gets me upset. In those cases, they're not targeting new moms, they're targeting nursing moms, which imo is totally different.
You're gonna give me a heart attack here
I just started getting the formula coupons again. The only baby-related product I've purchased was nursing pads... very annoying. I leave them with the cashier so at least other people can save the $$.
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