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We use these: http://softtiles.com/ They're nice and thick, colorful, and no pop-out pieces. We covered our living room in them when DD1 was about 9 months, and they still look great a year and a half later. In fact, we just ordered them to do our basement (had to rip up the rug due to water damage - no worries about that with the foam) Oh - we tried the alphabet/numbers ones first. Only assembled the ones without the smaller pieces. Drove me nuts with all the...
I'd get some more bottles. I use these to pump into (bpa free and pretty good price), then BornFree to feed.
Never tried them, but check out http://omamma.com/
I'm in MA too and just turned my 26-month old FF. DH is happy cause in his car she can now watch the DVD player (though she wants to know where my "car TV" is now...). I wanted to RF her longer (she's only 25 pounds), but she was getting car sick way too often. Last time it was right when I pulled into the Babies R Us parking lot... couldn't bring her home in a pukey seat so I wiped it up, tossed it in the trunk, and bought a Nautilus (which was the plan eventually, but...
DD#2 is 13 days old and gaining 1-2oz/day with only nursing 10min at a time, every 2-3 hours or so. She does cluster-feed in the evenings which I'm sure helps. When I listen to her, I hear gulps rather than swallows and we get 12+ wet diapers a day so seems good :-).
I'd be pretty pissed too. Yeah, it may only be a block, but based on what her DD said she thought it was really cool. So now, she also has to make sure DD knows that it's not safe and won't be happening again. Might be fine, but very well could cause trouble in the car in the future.
My original doctor wanted me to schedule a c-section at 41 weeks, as she said success rate drops after then. I figured I could probably get some wiggle room there. Turns out it won't matter, as she's on maternity leave now and the doctor I saw last time said that as long as baby and I are doing fine, she sees no reason to start thinking c-section till 42 weeks at least.
Total crap. My BMI is right around 39 at the moment, and I've had nothing but support from my OBGYNs.
I believe the pump itself is the same - the difference is the carry bag is nicer and it includes different sized shields to try.
The purely yours works great with an Easy Expressions Bustier. And yeah, it's the only pump I'd consider buying used, but the price difference between new and used isn't all that much so for the warranty I'd go new personally.
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