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What pump do you have? Valves and membranes need to be replaced periodically or suction decreases dramatically. I'd try to replace them if you haven't already (it's pretty cheap - can usually buy at Babies R Us or Target).
You said you moved? So those 2 weights were on different scales, right? That could account for a few ounces difference.. so he could have gained a bit more than you think. And maybe it just took him longer to gain back the initial weight he lost and now he's doing just fine? I think I'd just continue to nurse as much as possible & see if you could bring the baby back for a quick weight check in a couple weeks (on the same scale as this last weight).
I have that one and while it's a good pump, it does have cons: 1. No replacement parts - can't order new horns, just valves/diaphragms. It is compatible with the manual pumps, but that's awful expensive way to do it ($35ish/horn, or $70/set!). 2. Tab on the tubing can break off, meaning you need to hold it in place until a replacement tubing comes from Avent. I've had this happen twice (during the 1 year warrenty). It was free, however I had to show proof of...
In MA you can receive up to $500 in damages (not sure the legal process however). And actually, that law was just signed on Jan 9th so won't take effect until early April (90 days after signing).
I'm seeing Dr Reine at Central Mass OBGYN in Shrewsbury. Will deliver at UMass Memorial. Planning a VBAC and she seems pretty supportive. She won't be the one to deliver my LO, as she's due 3 weeks before me, but that's April/May so she'd be back in time for you.
Yeah, I think the fact that the doctor is supporting her effort is key. That is just amazing to hear about.
First I'd check those little white valve things on the iSIS - they need to be replaced periodically or suction decreases. They're cheap too so always worth a shot. A good valve won't show any light if you hold it up to the light & look through. If you look through and can see through the slit, then they're becoming worn and less effective. If that doesn't work, I'd consider the kit for the Symphony, or saving for an Ameda Purely Yours ($150ish, and a great double pump).
Not sure if there are any actual studies on this. The idea behind it though is that sleepy babies might not nurse enough, therefore cutting demand and hurting milk supply. So, it's important in those first few weeks especially, to make sure your baby is eating frequently enough to maintain/grow supply. A baby who doesn't nurse enough will become sleepy, and nurse less, then sleep more.... a nasty cycle. I think it differs from scheduling though, because in my mind...
I have the Avent. It's a good pump, but has these cons:Other than valves/diaphragms, can't buy extra parts (horns, tubes, etc). I like having spares. Is compatible with horns from their manual pump, but at ~$30/single horn, that's awfully expensive. Not BPA-Free. Not a huge deal if you store in BPA-free bottles then the contact is minimal. The "iQ" part consists of a telephone-like cable that plugs into the handle on one of the horns. The little "tab" portion can...
C'mon Governor Patrick... please please please!!!
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