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For those of you who use these or know someone who does, they're on sale for $11.99 each at Zulily.com. They're pretty pricey around here (about $20 each CDN), so I thought you ladies might like to know.
Thanks, Stacey, that is a good price, they're about $20 apiece around here! I've got a newborn and have been thinking we need to order something soon, the XS FBs we got with our newborn dipe rental are already too small (wee man is gaining fast!), but they worked well when they fit...   (Alas I'm already a Zulily member but a big thank you for the tip!!)
me, too!! 
Congratulations I am so glad it went well, he is adorable, worth the wait!!
Awww, this is a great thread!   Here's Jack rooting for milk on his big sis at about a week old.    
I got some texts from Natalie today indicating that she lost her mucus plug and was having contractions that were getting closer together. I think she'll have a baby before long!
Sounds like today is the day!! ELVs to you! Good luck!
I was doing pads soaked (well not super soaked, but wet in the area that matters!) with witch hazel and frozen. They were sooooo soothing and because the witch hazel was soaked into the pads, it didn't feel too cold. Hope you feel better soon!!
Reading your brief story gave me goosebumps. Congratulations on being a strong mama and doing what needed to be done to get your little one here safe!!! Your experience sounds kind of like my first birth and I always think of it as something DD and I accomplished together. Happy babymoon, enjoy your miracle.
Congratulations, she is really adorable.
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