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I agreee your MIL can go shut her head in a book Anyways my dd started reading at 2. I did nothing really to push her, she just did it. I honestly didn't do anything out of the ordinary afterwoods, we just continued reading books together. Then I got her some first readers and she started on those. She would just ask for help with words she didn't know. Then she just progressed on her own, sounding out words. I found starfall for her after she started reading and she...
Yeah feeding issues were the big thing for me too. You really have to be persistant, vocal and express your concern to who's ever in charge. I think by 35 wks mine was taking everything by bottle and she was even a 25 wker and she did have lots of issues with feeding, luckily our nurses weren't lazy, they were other things but not lazy with feeding bottles. good luck, be strong momma
A nurse told me when I refused the hep b vax for my baby, that I could get hep b while shopping by touching the shopping cart and that how easy it was to catch (but yet she never asked if i was vaxed for hep b
We haven't done anything really. Just play, do some crafts and lots of reading. I really left it up to her. We do lots of playgroups and go to the park and just have fun! In the meantime while having lots of fun, she's learned a whole lot. It's amazing the things they can pick up.
Well I hate the whole idea of it to be honest. Probably because I grew with the traditional pilgrim story of it and how wonderful it was but then as I got older, I found out what happened with the native americans (of course none of which I learned in public school) It made me very sad. When my kids are a little older, we will go to Plymouth and join them in the protest. I'm glad I am homeschooling, so my girls won't learn the sugar coated version of history and will...
OMG! thanks for the reminder, i've been looking like every 1/2 hr for the mail today. totally forgot it was a no mail day
We don't and I'm not Jewish, dh is but he's not practicing. I always get annoyed this time of year and tend to get a bit cranky with all the consumerism surrounding christmas. I also kinda get irked at all these food drives, toy drives, give to others, time for giving etc.... I mean hello these people are probably hungry year round, why only care about them at this time of year. I'd rather be giving year round, just not when it's pc to do so.
it's hard not to worry. Mine was less than that at that age, I think about 17 lbs or so. My ped and neonatal doctor both didn't have concerns at all with her growth. She was growing just very slowly. She's now 3 and about 25 lbs, very skinny but she is very healthy and energetic. She's also only wearing 18mth/24 mths clothing and has been for over a year now. The only reaason I'm not concerned is she is developing well in all areas but then a small part of me wish she...
nope not paranoid at all. I think I may have been just a tad paranoid a few mths after she came home but I gradually reverted back to my non paranoid about germs way.
Yes, it often irks me when someone calls a 37+ a preemie. I'm like ok everything was fine and you took baby home you and that constitues a preemie? I think not. I myself had a 36 wker for my first and I never even called her a preemie. Sometimes I say she was preterm but I never considered her a preemie at all. But I would never discount anyone who did have a preemie and spent time in the NICU for any preemie type issue, no matter if it was a few days or months. Any...
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