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Tonight I'm going to make chickpea cutlets with some sort of sauce (haven't decided what), mashed butternut squash & sweet potatoes, and either peas or broccoli. On a side note, I feel like the only green veggies we eat this time of year are peas and broccoli! I can't bring myself to buy fresh asparagus or green beans out of season, and we've almost used up all our frozen greens from summer. Eep! Is anyone else feeling the sadness of winter produce these days?
Dinner last night was restaurant for us, mac-n-cheese for the kids & sitter, but this morning, we used some of our first batch of homemade soygurt to make yogurt-whole-wheat muffins. The muffin recipe was pretty bland -- I think they'd be good with jam, but they're a little dry with nothing. The soygurt tastes great but is very runny; I'll have to buy some tapioca starch for the next batch. The kids and I are about to make sugar cookies from DD2's "Fairy Cookbook" that...
Tonight I'm feeling very lazy -- we're having refried black bean tostados and steamed broccoli, and that's it. I figure this can be here so other mamas can feel less guilty about not being the vegan Martha Stewart every night!
I made a wonderful million-grain bread today, and a pot of corn chowder is simmering on the stove. I think we'll have them with some steamed broccoli with Asian dressing and, if we get time, sugar cookies.
...she loves to cook! Every time we cook something together (bread, soup, cookies, etc.), she says "I love cooking with you, Mama." I can tell it makes her feel as close to me as it makes me feel to her, because she also always stops several times during each cooking session to look at me, turn her head sideways, and say "I love you, Mama." :::::::::: ::
Well, here's our update: The VCUG was HORRIBLE, absolutely awful, and I even knew it would be uncomfortable because I had one at the age of 9. The doctor was just an awful person and we'll never ever go to that hospital again -- we've decided to do everything at the Children's hospital from now on. Anyway, DD does indeed have VUR (vesicoureteral reflux, or renal reflux), and it is on both sides -- level 2 on one side and 2-3 on the other. She is 6.5 years old, has...
OK, how many nights in a row can I keep these knishes on the menu? We're on meal #3 featuring knishes. Hmmm...I think tomorrow I'll have to cook something new. Last night we had them with yogurt and fruit, and tonight we had them with matzo ball soup.
I know this doesn't work for February in MN, but you sound like an ideal family for local camping trips. We went this summer for the first time with our two DDs, 3 and 6yo. They loved it. We went with two other families, which was part of the allure, but it was also just fun to be somewhere new, sleeping outdoors, cooking over a fire, etc. There was a small lake for "fishing" (with a pretend fishing pole). There was dirt to dig. There was a hiking path to run (in pjs! Way...
My 6yo DD is 43 pounds, and I think she's around the 25th percentile. That said, in the picture, your 6yo daughter looks healthy to me. She has round cheeks and good coloring (unless that's airbrushing! ), and does not seem gaunt or anything. I guess I'd assume your mom's genes indeed made it to your daughter, and as long as she's healthy, I wouldn't worry.
I don't know if you'll be able to find it, but at Marshalls last month, we found a baking set for DD that is absolutely AWESOME, and totally usable. The company is called Patisse and appears to be European; much of the writing on the package appears to be in perhaps Dutch (I'm not sure). It included, in miniature sizes but fully functiona, a real wooden rolling pin, a springform pan, a heart-shaped cake pan, a loaf pan, and a little mold shaped like an owl (and the outside...
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