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Quote: Originally Posted by dachshund mom From the other side... My brother and SIL always say their 3 kids have too many toys and they want us to buy clothes, books, or give money for their college savings account. But what little kid wants to open that at Christmas when there are so many toys? The whole situation is really frustrating. I completely see where they're coming from though - their house is FULL of plastic, electronic walmart...
I am horrified on your behalf. I believe you when you say that discussing it with them is not possible, so I think that you probably have about one more year to just say thank you and cram all the stuff in your car and then: - donate a lot of it when you get home. Local children's hospitals or children's wards at regular hospitals will take almost any toys, in or out of the packaging - books can often be exchanged at bookstores even without the store receipt or tags,...
Oooh, the Nutty Pasta Toss was AWESOME. I am eating it for lunch again right now! I am hoping to make both homemade seitan AND knishes today. We'll see!
OK, I'll start this one, since I feel like I cook better when I have somewhere to brag about it! Last night we had the repaired split pea soup (see my "crunchy split pea soup") thread) with apple slices, crackers, and cheese for DH and the kids/peanut butter for me. Tonight I think we'll have an altered version of the Nutty Pasta Toss from The Garden of Vegan -- using summer squash instead of zuke, and possibly peas instead of tomatoes (DD2 can't eat tomatoes in the...
OK, the soup is now edible, but here's what I had to do: 1. Left them in the crockpot on low overnight. 2. Warmed them up on the stove for about 1/2 hour. 3. Ran the whole thing through the food processor. Now the consistency is good. Next time I'll know to boil them first! Thanks all!
I also really like the series of books with "How It All Vegan" and "The Garden of Vegan" and "La Dolce Vegan" -- they're by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer, and while they do rely heavily on some faux milks and faux dairy products, I think they're a really accessible, easy set of cookbooks for the transition. Almost no recipes even take up a full page of the book -- generally easy to find ingredients, familiar flavors, etc. I actually only own "The Garden of Vegan," but...
Yes, this stuff bothers me too...I asked DD2 what she wants to do when she grows up, and she said "I want to have a rainbow kitty, and when I put the rainbow kitty to bed, I will do the dishes." That's her greatest aspiration: the dishes. And I even work part time!
I made split pea soup for the first time last night, in the crock pot. I cooked the soup for 6 hours on medium-low, used my immersion blender to pulverize it, and when we sat down to eat it, it was crunchy! yuck! The split peas did not get soft. I figured maybe it just needed longer to cook, so I left it in the crockpot overnight on low, and when I just tasted it, it was slightly better, but not perfect yet. Any ideas?
I'd like to cut way down on the last truly junky thing we buy with any regularity -- sugary breakfast cereal. The kids and DH are absolutely addicted, and it has always made me uncomfortable. I doubt we could eliminate these cereals, but even just cutting down to one box a week would be a vast improvement.
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