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Looking at houses in PDX again! What about Corbett-Twillinger-Lair Hill? Is the southwest NOT green, veggie, hip, homeschooly and unschooly? There's a great house there with views and a large lot. We really want it all...country living in the city. It is close to Sellwood bridge, so Sellwood pool and park are accessible.   And would we be able to rent it while we finish up life in Sweden? Or would something more close-in SE/NE be better?   Thanks!
Loving Minuscule! And on YouTube. Easy! And free!
DD thought Cars was scary so I know Wizard of Oz is a few years away. Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp? That would need to wait awhile too. I don't know about the other three. Any thoughts on those?   What is the problem folks have with Milo & Otis? I know nothing about them?   I heard Babe is really good, except for Mom dying in the beginning...   It would be time for som Pippi, she is Swedish and so are my kids. I was just worried that while Pippi is awesome, some...
Hmmmm, good question... Not negative/sexist would be a good start! And actual postive female characters, well that would be icing on the cake..      
Ok, I got lots of feedback of books and now I'd love some thoughts of the more difficult category of film.   The only things I'm ok with are some old sesame street and My Neighbor Totoru.  Everything else I regret turning on and then "lose". I think Kiki's Delivery is REALLY  inappropriate: "I look dumb", "I'll be fat, fat, fat", "Were you naked?" ...totally weird.   In the Muppet Movie, Fonzy talks about the "Good looking girls".   Are there any films where...
I don't know Ladybug Girl, Priscilla or Alexandra, but I will check them out! Thanks again for all the great ideas. Next thread: DVD's w/out traditional stereotypes.
We live abroad so I don't think that test will fly here, but I'll check if there's an equivalent. Thanks for the heads-up!
Here's my "problem": I'm anti-princess. So rather books that try to re-do the whole princess thing with a feminist spin, I (think) I'd like to just avoid princesses all together...  For example DD doesn't know that princesses are valued for their looks so the catch in Paperbag Princess is missed. Which is good I think. She thinks princesses are dancers.   What I need is nearly super-hero like characters to go with DD's theme song. "Super DD can do...
"A Chair For My Mother" we have and love!   Ronja rules!!! I can't wait till we can read that.   Thanks so much for all the ideas!
Thanks. We are skipping it for them, but getting it ourselves.
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