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I am interested in any color but pink (but if all you have is pink, I might just be desperate enough to make it work!). I need at least 1/2 yard. Please PM me if you have some for sale! :)
In case anyone is curious, I have an update. I made a batch of ice cream yesterday using Arrowroot. I was reading around and that was a tip I came across. It is supposed to make the ice cream creamier, and it seems to have done the trick. I used this recipe, but only used a small amount of chocolate chips and it was fine, like 1/2 cup? After I put it through the ice cream maker I drizzled sunbutter into the mixture and cut it into the ice cream. I was going to add some...
Thanks for the tips! Next batch will certainly be done without the milk sub. The almond milk was Silk, not made by me. Tofu is an interesting thought, would you use the silken or just the soft? (I'm trying to remember the different textures available).   We could attempt cashews since DS had a negative test result with them, we just haven't tried them yet. I've been sticking to almond since I know for sure plus I can get almonds without cross contamination which...
Our CSA started last week and I'd love some new inspiration for things to do with some of these ingredients that we don't typically use. :)
I do this, too. We always have ginger in the freezer.
Gymboree makes them IIRC. I think I bought one at a consignment sale for DS in that size.  
Um, I won't do worms for the silliest possible reason. They kind of give me the creeps, and the thought of them being in my house is just too much for me to handle.  
I'd love to find an app where I can enter when I spend, where, and what I spend it on to track my weekly & monthly spending. Does this exist?
Some interesting ideas to consider here. I'll look into them and see if one will work for us. Thanks!!
I have no idea, but subbing because I'd love something like this, too!
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