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As far as pizza goes, until the daiya became available we just made pizza without cheese. My kids have never had real cheese, but as someone who has I will say that I prefer only a tiny bit of daiya not the amount that I'd put on if it were real cheese. There is no need to load a pizza up with it, a little goes a long way, and it is really best when it is good and melted.   Can you make hummus with chickpeas but leave out the tahini? Maybe add more lemon or some...
  I agree with this completely. Knee to knee support from a wider carrier base would make a world of difference.    
We are dairy free, and have a tight budget. I stockpile using coupons, and buy meat when it is super cheap to freeze it for future use. Most of my grocery budget each week goes to fresh produce and keeping up my stockpile, and I keep it under $100 a week for a family of 4. Here are some meals we've had lately: Spaghetti & meatballs Red beans & rice Dairy free lasagna and stuffed shells (use tofu to make vegan ricotta) Roasted chicken w/ mashed potatoes & green...
My older DS is really into space right now, so it trickles down to my 2yo. He keeps insisting that he is Neil Armstrong, and whoever is near him playing is "Cowin". As in Michael Collins who was on that mission to the moon. Everything is "on the moon far, far away" or "on Earf". And "You a a-wee-in, mom". He also loves counting right now, but his numbers go "1,2,3, 6,7,8,9,10". So when he asks for anything, like blueberries for example, he wants "6,7,8,9,10 boo-bewies"....
DS was a climber at a really young age. What we did was find a climbing toy on craigslist, a little tikes thing with a slide. When he would attempt climbing something he shouldn't, we redirected him to the climber which was an appropriate thing for him to climb.
Congrats again my amazing friend! I can't wait to bring you some food (and BEER ) and meet her.
We had my 2yo DS tested recently to confirm and determine severity of his milk and peanut allergies. During the testing the doctor also tested for almonds and cashews, no others for now since he said wouldn't overload  the test with nuts for safety reasons, and in order to not skew the results. He had no reaction to almonds or cashews. Since then I have added almond milk to my own diet, but I am so afraid to give it to DS!   I'd love to be able to add something like...
Looking for a recipe for a hearty, somewhat healthy cookie. I'm envisioning something with things like oats, flax, dried fruits, whole wheat flour. Possibly something like sunbutter, too, since DS is allergic to peanuts. :) Thanks in advance!
I am definitely going to have to look for the knock off moon. I'd rather pay $10 than over 2x that just in case this is short lived. :)
Double post!
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