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Yikes, triple post!
He has actually asked for a telescope. I think we'll sit on that idea and see if this interest lasts. Maybe Christmas if he is still into it. Our ceilings have that awful popcorn stuff, and we are renting, so I don't know about the stars for the ceiling. Thank you so much for the meteor shower link! We will absolutely be checking out the next one. Great idea!!
You are correct! We are actually members there. We haven't made it up there in a while, not since this new interest has popped up. I think we may go this week since he has been asking to go see the lunar lander. I'll sneak a peek at the gift shop and maybe have a friend pick up something on the sly for me. Thanks for the reminder about that!
DS will be 5 in 3 weeks. He is getting hockey tickets for his birthday, but I'd love to give him a little gift to unwrap that will appeal to his current fascination with space. He has a couple of books, so I really don't want to go that route. I was considering something called the "Moon in My Room" which is a replica of the moon that hangs on the wall and lights up different phases of it. I'm not sure though, and would love some other ideas. He especially loves learning...
DS is 26 months, 27 lbs. I wear him daily. To be honest though, I had to stop using the ergo after around a year because it just wasn't working for us anymore. I moved on to carriers that are made for toddlers and they are much more supportive for me. Before you give up wearing it might be something to consider.
I am redoing our bedroom in gray & yellow, and just bought this for our bed. I would love to find some fabrics that work well with it to do some wall hangings over the bed, make some pillows, and to recover my hope chest at the foot of the bed. Any suggestions? I tend to go for things like simple modern florals, art deco, or Morrocan/Moorish tile inspired.   I'm not opposed to adding another color into the mix, but can't decide what it might be.   Any thoughts or...
My 2yo wore jammies to the grocery store just the other day after a similar battle. Not one worth fighting here!
Sweet!!!   My suggestion: Lunchbots!!
We have been talking about getting one for a while, and I think it is going to finally happen tomorrow thanks to the dog getting sick on the playroom floor today.   I don't use chemicals in our home, so I'm wondering what we can use in a carpet cleaner that will be effective but not full of chemicals. Any suggestions?
Y'all have given me some excellent things to think about. A lot of our "choice" is limited by the lottery factor for charter and magnet schools, but  traditional vs. year round will  be part of the decision on which of those schools we decide to try for. If we don't get into one of those then we have somewhat of a choice for general public school as well. Thanks for your thoughts!
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