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I really loved Lynette's classes www.sageyoga.ca in Hastings-Sunrise this last time around.
That sounds like a terrible situation, and that you've overcome a lot to offer him and his sister a stable, loving home. What an amazing mama! My DD1 quit nursing when I was pregnant and started again when DD2 was born. It's been a challenging 6 months and now I have moments (many) when I wish I hadn't let her start again. Nursing 2 has been hard for me. Some of the things we did in those months when she wasn't nursing, that I plan to incorporate more as I look to...
So terrible to be dealing with this with tiny kids  I had a virulent and systemic case of MRSA several years ago and did all these things too - the Hibiclens, bleaching etc.  I ended up taking a combination of 2 intense antibiotics to clear it up. It came back with just one or 2 boils a couple more times in the year following and I killed it with very high doses of Vit. D and garlic supplements with allicin. I worked with a naturopath to come up with doses that were...
I was just in DillyDally too and didn't see any.... but did scoop some wooden blocks from that 50% off table :) I buy my Waldorf toys etc. from Maplerose in Nelson. www.maplerose.ca  I usually just call the store rather than order online and they pop it in the mail that day. I've had great experience with them and I know they have birthday rings and all sorts of figures to go with them.    
Hi everyone, I've been lurking but haven't introduced myself. I'm Catherine and I have 2 girls, a two and a half year old and a new 3 month old. Thought I'd say hi!   I had a really hands off homebirth with my second. My first was also a homebirth but a little more intervention because of high-ish blood pressure and GBS+. With Z I caught her myself in the water and kept her right on me for quite a while. DH and DD1 were definitely the first people to touch her . I...
I have a friend who loves Dr. Sunshine. Finding a good family doctor in Vancouver is challenging, especially if you don't vax. Not many seem to be taking new patients... Good luck, and welcome to Vancouver!
thanks for this list. I came onto this forum tonight looking for ideas like this.  I'm snappy and so quick to anger with my 2.5 year old these days - sleep deprived and home alone 70+ hours a week with her and my 3 month old. She's seriously pushing my buttons and I can feel my irrational rage under the surface of our interactions way more often than I'd like to admit. I'm not a yeller, but I can feel myself wanting to shake her or react physically, which I do resist...
We have YogaKids and one my daughter loves called Yoga By the Dozen. She's only 2.5 and she loves yoga...though not actually while watching the DVDs. She just watches them, checking out all the poses and then incorporates her yoga moves into her life literally all the time, while dancing, playing and out at the park or walking down the street. I love the sounds of the Yoga Trance Dance, SweetSilver, that sounds like something we'd both enjoy!
I don't know where you live, but I found amazingly small underpants at H&M for my girl. She was 15 months and only about 18 lbs. when she was done with diapers. H&M had a 1-2 years size and their sizing runs pretty small. And the best part was they were around $10-12 for a 6-pack.
Z does this too...screaming for a bit when she wakes up. She stops if I pick her up quickly, or if I sing to her (but not if I talk). My older DD and I have started singing a little good morning song to her and it seems to do the trick, even if it's not morning. I think it's a phase as she becomes aware of and comfortable with that mystical place between sleep and waking. I also feel for little ones who often wake up in a different place than they went to sleep.
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