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As the parent of a child who doesn't like to be touched that much, we model a lot of asking her - "do you want a hug?", "do you want to give him a high five?" and talk about reading body language and faces quite a bit in situations like this, "that was startling wasn't it? He just wants to say hello to you, look at how happy his face is...he wants to play!" When my DD was at this age (around 18 months) a younger, but bigger, girl wanted to shake her hand at the park....
Depending on how big you and your partner are, you might be comfortable being in the La Bassine together, especially if he's behind you and your back is on his chest (supported squat). If you're on all fours or leaning against the side, there probably wouldn't be much room behind you. But I'm 5'9 and my DH is 6'3.  Do you know anyone with one that you could blow up and try a few positions in a dry run?  I like the looks of that kid pool Thandiwe - nice strong sides....
Very cool... My DD was born on the full moon, maybe this one will be too. I'm due the 15th, and felt like I'd be early, but now that it hasn't happened yet, maybe this babe is waiting for the supermoon!
Congratulations! What a crazy experience. Now you get to love up that little babe of yours!
What a great story - hard but good. Lovely pics too!
Congrats to you and your family! I love the name Willow. Glad it was a great birth :)
This is our kit: - pool and liner - tarp for under the pool - electric pump to inflate the pool - drinking water hose to fill it up - aquarium pump to pump it out (you could just siphon it but we live on the 2nd floor in an apartment in a city) with hose. This is the one we have http://www.marineandreef.com/Hagen_Marina_AquaVac_with_25_ft_hose_p/rhg11040.htm - clean bucket (to take water out if needed) - thermometer - little mesh aquarium strainer -...
Sounds like you're bonding and seeing the blessings even though it didn't go the way you had planned. What a sweet babe and a brave mama!
I second the La Bassine recommendation. We bought one for our birth 2.5 years ago, and bought the liner to go with it. It's now been used by 4 or 5 friends of mine, who each just bought their own liner. It was super comfy, strong, deep enough and easy to use. It stayed plenty warm over several hours with a couple of buckets of water being taken out periodically and hot water added. I can't wait to use it again any day now!
I thought for sure that last night was going to be it. I was feeling off and crampy (but no contractions except BH) all day then about 5pm got a huge burst of energy, did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes and got my DH to clean up all the toys and vacuum the living room rug.  When I went to bed I felt like it would all start in the night, but all I got was 4 trips to the bathroom and a 3am shower to try to clear out my stuffy nose so I could sleep...
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