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I've been listening to the ones on the Hypnobirthing cd (Mongan method) almost every night. I like a lot of them, and sometimes I repeat them aloud. You've got some good ones here.
I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and feeling pretty good and agile in the daytimes. Evenings I feel huge and swollen and crampy. No real contractions yet, but lots of BH and lots of big feet and elbows out movements and scrabbly hands right down under my pubic bone. My belly's smaller this time, but I'm sure the baby is bigger.  DD was born at 39 weeks and I'm having a hard time waiting.....feeling emotional and tired, easy to tears. Doesn't help that DD is getting her 2 year...
Sounds really stressful. With my DD I had high BP at the end and went in at 37 weeks with a migraine/high BP. The OB on duty said the exact same thing - "We've got to get this baby out NOW" but thankfully my midwife had a cooler head and after spending 2 nights in the hospital that same OB cleared us for homebirthing! I think that some doctors just go to that place of highest risk/most fear right away, and others don't. I'm glad it was a good outcome for you too - even...
Welcome little ones!
What a story! Welcome Asher - we love that name... it's on our list too 
Forest~mama, I 'm so happy that you made it to March! Hooray!
I had a similar pain right in the middle of the top of my abdomen above my belly button. My midwife thought I might have a little bit of abdominal separation. Really, I was doing too much and it was my body's message to slow down. I rested for 3 days straight (as much as one can with a 2 year old!) and started saying no more, especially around work, picking my daughter up all the time, and pushing my body too hard.... and the pain went away. I'd definitely call or check...
We also gave our midwives gifts at our 6 weeks PP appointment. We gave them each those rose quartz crystal candle holders. A friend had given me one for our birth and I loved its glow while labouring. I don't know if a lot of people do it, but it felt right to us.
Congratulations! What great news!
Forest~mama, I think that babies really can sense when things need to slow down. I'm sending you March 1 vibes, I think you can make it! What a stress to have right at the end    Aliy, will your DH be able to take some time off when the baby arrives? Do you have a plan for help/support for your older kids?  I always feel like DD is more needy when I'm also needy, and I want/need her to be more independent. She's still little enough to curl up in bed with and read...
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