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I need a new pot and pan that are non-toxic, but I can't spend tons of money.  Any suggestions???
My 2 year old daughter goes through phases... Some weeks she's into meat (ground lamb, turkey or beef; sardines with mustard on top; bacon), but some weeks she'll only eat buttered toast and fruit. What I believe in is obeying your child's cravings, as long as it isn't for sugar. Their bodies (esp. digestive systems) are much more honest than ours' (adults)!
Egg eaters unite! You all rock! If you're not allergic, go crazy, in my opinion... Cooked any way you like and served with anything you like. My fave way?... Egg, bacon and peanut butter sandwiches (on Ezekiel toast). Oh gosh, I could go on. Eggs are literally the perfect food, in my personal opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fi'sMom I've been giving my 2 year old daughter a tsp. a day of "Garden of Life's" CLO since she was 6 months old. She loves it! Oh, and I just give it to her straight from the measuring spoon... And yes, I take it myself as well, but I do a full Tbsp.
I've been giving my 2 year old daughter a tsp. a day of "Garden of Life's" CLO since she was 6 months old. She loves it!
OMG... We are EXACTLY alike!!! (Although, I'm only 5'2"!)... I looove veggies, but it's either 6 cups at one sitting, or none at all. And I craaaave Ezekiel english muffins with mounds of PB or AB, brown rice with black beans, quinoa with lentils, and of course, cake, cookies, coffee and wine! Sometimes I dwell and worry that I'm not eating "perfectly," but thankfully I also have days where I think, "Good grief, I gotta chill out and not think and obsess so much about...
Been there, done that... Tell her she's awesome just the way she is and that she doesn't need to change for anybody but herself. Tell her to focus on God and not her problems. Tell her that everyone has quirks and issues and that she is never, ever alone. Tell her that everyone who is judging her is also judging every other person that they know. Tell her that she is not her problems... and that she has so much to offer this world!!!
Helios is the one I buy, because it's the brand that Donna Gates recommends in The Body Ecology Diet. I also buy Goat Milk Kefir when it's on sale.
B- 1/4 c. raw almond butter on Ezekiel english muffin; whole grapefruit S - 24 oz. organic black coffee L- 1/2 lb. broiled leg of lamb; whole baked sweet potato and lots of steamed cauliflower with 2 Tbsp. flaxseed oil drizzled on top D - giant serving of very cheesy lasagna at a local Italian restaurant; 2 glasses Chianti S - pint of Turtle Mountain Mint Chip coconut milk ice cream Any comments on the above? Just curious.
Even little kids know that this is a silly belief! Good grief, I get so tired of some foodies labeling certain food groups as either bad or unnecessary. Isn't it just common sense that anything from the earth is good for your body? I'm not irritated with you, mamaofthree... Just the people who say you should or shouldn't ever eat this or that. I'm a total TF health nut, but to me that just means that I believe in whole foods created by God. Okay sure, I don't think...
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