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I turn in my final final today before 1pm--which means as soon as I peel myself out of the bed. Then I am done until I figure out what to do about grad school. Oh and now I have to get a "real" job. Good luck everybody and happy winter break!
When my son asked me why Santa doesn't bring gifts to the kids who really need them, and why he brings so many gifts to "rich" kids, I asked him "Why do you think?" and he couldn't come up with a logical answer, so I told him the low down on Santa. He was just kinda like "oh" Last year, my DSD, 8, kept asking about Santa and telling me that kids at school were telling her Santa's not real etc...but I didn't think it was my place to tell her so I did the whole "What do...
I feel like it seems morbid to write about someone dying, but we're just trying to take care of that end of things...wills, life insurance, etc... Thanks for the input, mamas.
My DH's kids are listed as his beneficiaries with his life insurance. He is CP of his kids, but if he were to die, I, as a SM, might never see his kids again, potentially anyway. Not by my choice, but legally I would have no claim, so unless the Moms wanted me around, they could move to France if they wanted. So, the kids being beneficiaries would be the best way to get the money to them or would it go to there Mom's if they were minors? That make sense?
we found one! Yay! well, kind of yay, we'd rather not have a need for a lawyer.
Looking to settle a custody issue. I live in Knoxville, but the court venue is in Cleveland, TN, so maybe a Chattanooga lawyer would work??? Thanks
I think we are not the norm, but we pay for daycare when the kids are with us, and the other parent pays for daycare when they are there. We do 50/50 with no child support going either way.
You are right about the whole future is uncertain thing. I am being terribly neurotic about it at this point. I need to not worry about it so much. Who knows what will happen by then? Thanks for that reminder!
I just wondered if it made us (DP) bad parents/person if DP was just willing to scale back his time with his son during the year or if his son would think we were just like "oh well, you can just go live with your mom, we don't care"
There is some mental stuff in the past, and she is pretty vindictive, but nothing that would equal mental illness to the point where the child would be unsafe. Are kids really better off with their mom's than their dad's if there are no other issues at play? Like obviously if one parent is abusive or something, but if both parents are pretty decent people, why does mom trump dad? I'm not trying to be snarky, I'm really wanting to ask you (or whoever else's) opinion...
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