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We love Dr. Bloom in W Locks!  So close to you.  I really like him, his staff and the office- not sure about the crunchy factor but at least he doesn't push fluoride supplements. He is young and it is a newer practice so I don't think he would turn you away for refusing x rays or anything. He is super nice
We go to Dr. Schuck at Pedicorp in Windsor.  They also have an office with different docs in W Hartford.  He didn't blink an eye at our homebirths, BFing until age 2, cosleeping, etc.  We have delayed a couple of vaxes with the kids and that has been ok with him as well.  I think his own views are more "standard" but he has been fine with our "crunchiness." He is relatively young himself and has little kids so he is very understanding. I would also recommend that you...
My kids see Dr. Bloom in East Windsor for dentist.  He is young, a single-doctor pedi dentist and is great with kids.  No idea how crunchy he is but I really liked him with my son.   I think Dr. Joslin in South Windsor would be a great family doc for you. She is a breastfeeding counselor and open to alternative medicine. I know her personally and not as a doctor though.
Dr. Jerome Lahman in Vernon may be an option.   Our pedi, Dr. Schuck in Windsor, has been ok with delaying some vaxes.  I think he could deal with skipping chicken pox, etc- the less serious ones- but probably would not be ok with polio, etc.
A friend used Ob/Gyn of E. CT last year and had a great experience.  They handled a slight shoulder dystocia really well without freaking out.  A  lot of women on another board I frequent are happy with them as well.  I have also heard good things about Woodland Midwifery out of St. Francis- the hospital is not really known to be natural-birth friendly but I have heard some good stories about this all-midwife practice. 
As of 2007 when I had my son Hartford Hospital had only ONE tub, in a room off the hallway, that you could labor and not birth in, and that nurses actively discouraged people from using.  The in-hospital birth center at St. Mary's still allows waterbirth- look for Dr. Albini there.  He donated the tub.  OB/GYN of Manchester is now called Ob/GYN of Eastern CT- I like Russ the midwife there and they have a few new mws as well.  It is absolutely not crazy for you to travel...
I would say your best hospital VBAC options would be St. Mary's in Waterbury (Dr. Albini specifically) and the midwives at St. Raphael's in New Haven (Ctr for Women's Health and Midwifery). I have heard some great stories from both places. I believe that St. Vincent's has a VBAC ban now so they are probably not an option. :(   I would check the forums at ICAN online to see about options in Westchester.  I am the former chapter leader of ICAN of Hartford, which is how...
We see Dr. Schuck at Pedicorp in Windsor. He has not batted an eye about our uncirc'ed sons, our homebirth, or my extended breastfeeding.  He also has been open to some adjustments in the vax schedule, although we have eventually done all of them- on our own timetable.
We use Dr. Schuck at Pedicorp in Windsor. He has been intact-knowledgeable re: our boys and their parts, and has been flexible with the vax schedule- delaying some, even suggesting delaying on our last appt when Ben "should" have gotten 4 separate shots.
I agree that you don't necessarily have to do all the reading, and that having a supportive birth team who you can completely trust is the most important thing.  I did hypnobirthing as well with my first but had a terrible experience- bad provider, C/S, blamed myself a lot and felt that the hypnobirthing program did nothing for me in terms of coping with a non-natural birth.   2nd time around I had a fantastic natural birth. Now I'm pg with #3, and am worried b/c I...
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