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Kris-that sucks. I am now 6 days late. I haven't tested again since Wednesday, but I know I am not. I just want to move on to the next cycle now...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kleine Hexe Same here. I'm expecting AF any second and she's just not showing yet. Sigh. No AF and no BFP.....that has got to be one of the most frustrating parts of TTC. Yeah, I am right there with you. I am now 4 days late...I just want to get it over with now so we can move on to the next cycle. I did test again, still negative. I can't temp, I never sleep more than 2-3 hours straight. CM is light, maybe a...
Quote: Originally Posted by mysticmomma I predict you will become pregnant 2 more times. One in 2008, and once in 2011. Oh dear. I was hoping for one more time....now you've gone ahead and set me up for two..because we all know, if someone on MDC says it, it MUST be true!! (And yes, now I will probably assume that I will get pregnant in 2008 and 2011 and plan my life accordingly..I am a dork)
If my info is correct, no, there is no reason. You can keep it in the charger whenever. I keep mine plugged in at home all the time. I haven't had a problem with battery life at all. MY battery lasts a couple of days depending on how much I use the phone.
I was told the new batteries don't need to wait until they are more empty, that is the old way we had to do it. The newer batteries don't have a "memory".
Binkin-I looked and I thought I saw something at first, but the more I looked the less I saw. I would take another one so you are more sure. The HcG should double every day, so if you had a very faint positive today withen a day or two you should have enough to show a darker line. Looks good though....
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla When am I going to have sex again? (or, will I have sex again?) That could go with my pregnant question I guess....
Quote: Originally Posted by mysticmomma I want to hit 2000 posts by 12/31, so... HELP! No reason why... I just do. : When I am going to be pregnant again? (Or, WILL I be pregnant again..)
Quote: Originally Posted by TaraRae82 BBT dropped today. AF isn't here yet but I've started that in between creamy CM with dark brown color. AF is just around the corner. I'm out. At least my LP is 12-13 days this time! That's progress. That is a definate sign of progress. When I was TTC last time around, as soon as my LP was longer (like three months in a row), I was pregnant.
I was hoping to see some great news on here this morning...I think I really did forget how much this is an up and down ride. It will happen. And you knaw, the child that is meant to be is really worth the wait. Not that it really helps now, but it will. Hang in there...it ain't over..blah blah.
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