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Hey all! SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!!! I. Can't. Wait. My kids are bored to tears with the summer. They are excited about starting school, but they will be in for two days before we pull them out to go to my sisters wedding in Georgia. What a week. Who else has their kids in public school?
Hello! I think I may have posted before, or at least I was planning on it. I am mom to 5....I think we will add one more and be done though. My DH and I were just talkingabout how 5 doesn't really seem like many, but people act like we are raising a small village by ourselves. I would really love to find some other large familes in our area, there are a few, but not many. Anyone live in PA???
I took my kids to a wedding recently and it was a disaster. It was just not a SAFE place for little ones. My son (2 years old) was stepped on, knocked over, he got nto everything. I spent the time chasing after him. NOt fun for me at all, I would have rather gone without the kids. My sister is getting married in a couple of weeks and they are having a babysitter there in a room off the main reception for the kids. THey are setting it up with movies, kid food, toys,...
Sort of...what I get and HATE is the way people almost expect my son to be "bad". I have a friend that has a daughter tha same age, and if her daughter does something (like push the baby off a toy), it is always an accident. If my son does the same thing, he is being "his usual naughty boy self". Almost like my boys have a bad reputation from birth, just because they are boys.
Hey ladies..and babies (toddlers). We have been MIA, but I just read through this whole thread. I don't know how you all do it, I am beat by the time everyone is in bed and I can't even imagine jumping on here! William is an angel (well most of the time). I am sorry to say he seems to have the night wakings as well. He stays up for hours at a time. But all is good. Man, I thought I had a few minutes but my 2 year old just came over and said "Mommy, nap time, ...
I hit 9 years non-stop on July 4th. My youngest is now one, and I seem to wean around 2 1/2. So it will be at least 10 years total. :
Quote: Originally Posted by DragonflyBlue One winter afternoon I had four police officers come to my door. They were somber in appearance and looked like they wished they could be anywhere but where they were. They came inside, identified themselves and asked if my husband was home. He had just woken up after a graveyard shift and was just coming up the stairs. Once H was in the front room, they asked if I could take the little ones into another...
Quote: Originally Posted by Laggie A few years ago I was in line at a grocery store. Ahead of me in line was a mother with a little boy, about four years old. Ahead of them was a police officer. The little boy asked his mom why the officer had a gun. She said, "Don't worry, it's just a toy gun, it's not real." I had to try very very hard to keep from bursting out laughing. I think I giggled. The officer turned beet red, but didn't say...
Umm..I thought it was me.
I have no advice, I was just coming here to post exactly the same thing! My almost 1 year old is doing it too...not one of my other kids bit me.
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