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would love to win this for my two kiddos!
a very small boy caught my eye zooming by on a bike at the park last week so i learned of strider bikes and think my two little ones would love to learn a new and fun skill!
i have started a holistic mama's meetup particularly for women of color that meets monthly.  we bring healthy snacks to share, our children so they can play together, and ideas and questions to discuss with each other.  many of us practice a natural lifestyle including homebirth, vegetarianism, breastfeeding, babywearing, (could go on and on!).  a few of us have had babies this year.  i'm looking to grow the group and link mothers of like minds to each other to build an...
oops, i guess i do have my signature 'approved'
hey, ive read a few posts and wanted to join the thread. the convo's about hair are interesting...it's such a part of who we are, and at the same time it can be something so 'unimportant' too, since who we really are is not about our hair and outer appearance, but that doesn't stop me from feeling self-conscious if my locks are a little frizzy or need to be twisted on certain days... as for the carriers...i have a moby which i loved for not-hot days/climate...and just...
Greetings, I delivered with a midwife last September here in STL (it's not as scary as it may first seem) and took a good childbirth prep class with Julie Guttman. Her website is: http://www.circleoflifedoulaservices.com/classes.htm. I had done plenty of reading on natural childbirth prep so some of the info was not new to me, but still very helpful. She incorporates advice for hospital and home births with an emphasis on how to assert yourself in the hospital and...
greetings, im looking for or looking to start a playgroup/mama meet-up for african american mothers...or woc mothers too. ive got an 8 month old daughter and with the warm weather have been spending a lot of time on walks in tower grove park and would like to meet some other natural mamas who would like to hang out, give each other support, share ideas, etc. hope to meet you soon! peace
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