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When ever I would get the dreaded yeasties when I was pg my mid wife would tell me to just go get the "natural" yeast med at the drug store. I think it is monostat that has a "natural" formula one that I found to work wonders. I would still do my probiotics too, but nothing seemed to work as good or as fast as the monostat nautural stuff. Good luck!!! (Oh yeah if I remember correctly the natural monostat has homeopathic stuff in it. )
I know there are vegans out there.....where are they? You who vegans come out and play with Erin......
I know that silly lala. I guess I was looking at your first post as if you posted it here first and was asking it to be moved somewhere else... I missed the part where you probally put it in TAO first right. Ok so I am alittle slow here and a bit behind. I have been obsessed with finding info on waldorf dolls lately among other things.
I am confused? hey Lala where is the recipe forum here???? Did I miss something....?
I love the stuff too. It comes in different flavors. I don't like the strawberry or cherry (I forget which one) flavor. The citrus is my favorite.
Have you tried cooking tofu on the grill? We do that alot here. Love it. Marinate it in what ever you want and throw it on the BBQ with other veggies. Then make a salad and volia a wonderful meal!
Dec 18th
More water here than juice for sure. The order of what we drink would be #1 water, #2 soy milk, #3 juice once in awhile.
Gee I guess it all depends on how much company we have over in a month as well as if we are in a meat or tofu mood, beer or wine or none mood. The best average I could say is somewhere in the $150-$175 range for our family of 4 (and what ever company may come over ).
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